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Paging Dr. Bailey

I am a little too addicted to television. One program in particular.


My husband knows better than to try and talk to me while I’m watching it. Even the Amazing Baby Ray obligingly goes to sleep before 9pm on Thursday s, because that’s when he’s gonna loose Momma anyways.


I Love Grey’s Anatomy.


My favorite character is Bailey. I love her no-nonsense, caring persona. When my life was falling apart, Bailey and I were both pregnant. Although my delivery was much easier than hers, I knew exactly what she meant by she was not going to do it alone.


I also like that even though she’s established, she’s following her heart to go into pediatrics. Tonight’s episode is especially heart wrenching. And even though I know it’s an actress, and that it’s a script… There’s something that still hits me in the heart when it comes to Bailey. Moms know other Moms.


And really, when it comes right down to it, isn’t that exactly the kind of person you’d want looking after your baby in  a life or death situation? Ray’s pediatrician when he was a baby, up to about a year and a half, was an older gentleman. The last time we saw him, he called Ray by another name and kept trying to give him shots. We were there for a follow-up on Ray’s ear infections. By contrast, his new doctor, Dr. Green, is a lively woman who takes time with Ray, knows him and his medical needs. She recognized when he was talking a lot, his improvements.


Ray loves Dr. Green. He will literally hang off the waiting room door, wailing to get in. She may be taller, and have a lilting accent, but her caring, no-nonsense attitude makes me believe that perhaps we have found our Pediatrician version of Dr. Bailey.


Gotta run, commerical’s off.

Sodden Sunday

Sunday, we went over to Dad’s after church.  The reason was so that we could do laundry over there (we had the quarters– just not the stuff you need to get it clean LOL. And yes, we’re adjusting to a new kind of budgeting hehehe).

Ray had a blast.

And so did Dad, methinks. I know I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Dad has an old fashioned back yard. There’s a concrete deck, but there is a ton of yard. AND an old fashioned sprinkler! Ray ran through it, played T-Ball in it’s spray, romped, rocked and rolled all the way through the day.

Oh yeh. We kind of took over his back yard with some out door toys for Ray. T-Ball set. Soccer ball. Not too much.

The thing he love love loved, though… Was the sprinkler.

My favorite picture of the day is of Ray, grinning at me, eyes kind of crooked, water running from his chin like drool, hair completely plastered to his head. But oh, the fun he had been having!

His shorts got so wet they kept falling off. His diaper got HUGE with water. And he didn’t really care. He had the time of his life. We watched him go at it from a respectably safe distance, laughing and talking and having a grand old time.

He also got an Oreo cookie, ice cream, and lots of treats from Grandpa. Ray fell asleep on the way home, snoring almost the whole way.

That is what Sunday’s are for. Thanking God that you have a family that you enjoy, and that enjoys you.


So. I grew up on California, though I’ve never been the bikini beach girl that most think of. But still, there is a connection to the ocean, one that is hard sometimes to express.

I love the ocean. It’s so… awe inspiring in the traditional sense of the word. The rythms settle my soul, allowing my lungs to expand and breathe in God’s love in the salty air. I love the rush of waves, the cry of the sea gulls… there’s nothing like it.

I especially love the type of beaches where you’re not really expected to go into the water. The foggy, lonely beach suits me just fine.  Or a picnic in the mist, sitting on a log, huddled up with friends and eating sandwiches.

One of my earliest memories of going to the beach is of me being on my older brother’s shoulders as he walked out into the surf. I remember being terrified– those waves were big! But his hands were strong on my legs, and he never teasingly tried to throw me in. No, he kept me firmly safe, never breaking the trust.

As a teen-ager, I loved Half Moon Bay State Park and Beach. It is (or was) one of those beaches that is lovely in it’s lonliness, where the rip tide is so bad that I was taken out while walking along the shore one time. Yeh, shocked me too. Wasn’t plannning on swimming that day 🙂 Many thanks to the fishermen who helped my friend get me back in– I’ve never been a strong swimmer.

Just in case you think I was a loner, soul searching on the beach, I should also point out that my friend and I (same one as above) used to also stand on top of the picnic tables, dancing to Def Lepard.

As a young grown up, I did have picnics on the beach with friends, sitting on a log, huddled up together for warmth. I also went to one bon-fire, where there was beer and shenanigins… But it wasn’t really my style.

As a married grown-up who had seen the wrong side of thirty, I learned to love Montery. Bri and I used to go all the time, walking along Fisherman’s warf, staying at Lover’s Point Inn and eating at the Old Bath House. Oh my, I loved it. Walking along a small patch of beach in the moon-light, leaving the window open to hear the sounds of surf… I loved it. I want to go back.

But now I have a new purpose. It’s almost time to introduce Ray to the beach. To being a Californian. Although, to be honest, we have a different relationship with the ocean than Southern California does, the ocean is still part of us. That surging, wild salt water runs in our veins.

I can’t wait.


P4M Bomber

Or was it a bomber? A lot of sites are saying that it was a spy plane, too. In talking with my dad the other night, he started telling me stories about the P4M that he flew in.

It was one of his favorite planes. He got so animated talking to me about it. About how his “skipper” used to race fighter piolots. And doing “mock” attacks. And generally just told me about a time in the world where the men were just grown different.

They Grew Bigger than life.

I’ve listened to stories from my father before. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before. But this time I heard the lilt in his voice, the upbeat it took on while reminising about a great time in his life. So I went and googled it.

It was a nice looking bird.

It’s amazing the things you pick up on if you just listen with both your ears and your heart. It doesn’t even take a whole lot of heart to hear it in their voices, either. Just a little bit, and you can make a huge difference in their lives.

We found a picture of the plane that one of his friends flew in (Also a P4M but it was a -3, instead of a -1) and emailed it over. We spoke of model airplanes, and that specific plane.

What a great day.



SO. What happens when Mommy decides that an almost three year old should not get a basket full of candy for Easter? She goes to the store and buys Play-doh.

The Play-Doh octopus/undersea set, to be exact.

Monday night: We played with the set for an hour before bedtime. Tuesday: about 10 minutes before leaving for work (daycare diva for him), then another hour before bedtime. Wednesday: Repeat Tuesday’s activities.

Any guesses as to what I’m preparing for tomorrow morning?

I’m  not complaining. It’s great that he fell in love with something that boosts not only creativity but also fine motor skills. And to have your son so in love with something you chose for him– magic.  Brian or I set and play with him, enjoying the time, the fun, the magic of play-doh.

I do have one complaint. We spend, as Mommies, how much time teaching our kids not to put stuff in their mouths? ALOT. A WHOLE LOT of time is expended in the venture.

And what does Play-doh do?

They make several sets that I know my son would love-love-love. With squeezy molds and squishy things ALL SHAPED LIKE FOOD. Come on, are you for real??? I could only find 3 non-food sets at the store I was at. Octopus, Monkey, and some kind of duffel bag (although the duffel bag might have had something in it). At the MEGA TOY STORE, they have more non-food Play-Doh items.

It doesn’t matter that it’s non-toxic. It’s yucky! The thought of it… EEEWWWW. (Of course, that might just be the mommy in me. But I’m the one paying, shopping, and etc. so my vote is the only one that counts at this point.)

So. Mr Play-Doh CEO, R&D person, whomever: PLEASE make more fun stuff for my son to use. That does not resemble food in any way shape or form. Play-doh as learning/creativity toy = good. Play-doh as snack= bad.


Easter Parade

Hoppy Easter. Ok, I know it’s a day late and I’d probably be a dollar short… But Still! Better Late than Never, right? (How many cliche’s can I wring out of one little sentiment? LOL)

So. Went to church on Easter, and it was nice. Had breakfast with everyone, a nice service. But then the magic happened! We went to my dad’s for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Which was great, don’t get me wrong. And the food— deeevine! Tri-tip and spareribs and OH MY! It was so yummy my tummy almsot forgot it was a holiday. Thought maybe it was a family bbq!

The magic. I know you’re all wondering what it was. When/where it happened. Well. I’ll tell ya!

Ray, Brian and I all went for a walk around the block. We ahppened to get back about the same time Leonard was pulling back up. On his Harley. And Ray, with all the enthusiasm of a 2-almost-3-year-old boy has for all things motorized started “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” and talking up a storm. Well, Uncle Leonard put him up on that bike.

Excuse me. I just commited sacrilidge. It’s not a bike. It’s a Harley. Ray went wild. So much so that when the other little kids came out and wanted a turn, he got a little hurt. They were on  HIS Harley! Make them go away!

Well, eventually, they did all wander away. Especially after the adults quit taking pictures. And then Auntie Linda REALLY let him get up close and personal with the Harley. Decked out in a helmet and sunglasses, he was ready to go!  She sat him up on the gas tank and let him play with all the buttons (except, like, 2) and I think my little boy actually Shivered with excitement.  She let him stay up there for as long as we could stand it (until right before the egg hunt) and Uncle Leonard told the Amazing Baby Ray that he could have a ride when he’s a bit older (I’m glad at least someone agrees with me that he’s a bit young for the first ride, yet! ).

But OH! That little boy fell in love. On the way home from Daycare Diva’s today, he screamed and yelled at every single motorcycle that he saw. Whether it was because he thought they had stolen his bike, or it was because they were on inferior rides, I’ll never know. But boy howdy does my boy got some lungs on him.

So. Uncle Leonard & Auntie Linda: Thank you for making my boy’s day. You combined motorcycles and button pushing, and I think he’s gonna be a fool for you two for a very long time 🙂

Dad, Unplugged

Dad Un Plugged


(Written Wednesday, 4-1-09)


So a weird thing is happening, and I thought it was just me. Turns out it isn’t. Dad has a very twisty sense of humor coming out. I rather like it. I can see now where my brothers get their sense of humor. Cuz I could never figure it out before.


Like yesterday. I called him and was sick sick sick with allergies. And he mocked me. Didn’t even TRY to make me feel better, oh no…  This man whom I adore did his level best to make me feel WORSE! And I love it!


“Oh, you’re sick? We’re having home made cinnamon rolls. Your sister is making them for me. They are yummy and delicious. Don’t you wish you were here?” And on and on. I love it.


The men in my family have a tendency to e on their wives personalities to a certain extent. They are still themselves, but censored through their wive’s eyes.I think Dad may have been a bit that way too. Or I’ve forgotten what he was like growing up. I think that might be more it than anything else.


I remember when I first started driving I had borrowed Mom’s car o drive over to TG&Y. When my friend and I pulled up at the house, before we even got out of the car, he started carrying on about what had I done? There was a huge dent in the car and how could I show my face at home again after doing that to my mother’s car? He was so convincing that both of us believed him! And I knew, KNEW, that I hadn’t been hit or in an accident or anything else.


Twisty sense of humor indeed.


Unplugged and uncensored.


There are stories that I could tell. Just from tonight! But I won’t. I will say that he never said anything that was truly out of bounds. He is a minister after all!


Tonight was fun. If I hadn’t mentioned it before let me tell you. Went over to Dad’s after work with Ray. We rode with Auntie Beth. I had a blast! Watching my son run around, breaking the ice between family members… Listening as he laughed with my brother, Professional Mr. Grumpy Pants (my brother Leonard)Mr. Grumpy Pants trying to get Ray to point at my sister and Ray kept pointing up in the sky like he was looking for Superman.


My son is my Little Ray of Sunshine and I love him to pieces.


He’s got a little bit of Grandpa’s deviltry in him, too.


Ahhh….. Boys.

Belly Bomb

So I’m writing this on my laptop computer. (Note: This was written Tuesday Night 3/31/09 ) You’d think that all was right with the world. The baby boy is asleep, and I’m sitting in the livingroom just typing away.
Not so.
My sister, who has always been so much more than a sister, is out here from St. Louis. And if things were the way they are supposed to be—you know, me a spoiled child living with Daddy and flitting from here to there with no responsibilities, I’d be over there in a heart beat. But it’s so hard. I get up early in the morning, start running and don’t stop until I get off work, pick up Ray and make it home… Although, even then, I still don’t always get a break.
So … to go to Dad’s after work or not tomorrow night. At e I was all “no way.” Now I’m all…. Hmmm…. Maybe. Especially since they’re (ie Mary) is going to make Belly Bombers. A belly bomber, to the un-initiated, is a White Castles Burger. Even though I was born and in California, well, we had family all over the country and traveled a lot on summer vacation.
So. I miss the fact that I can’t be with Mary all the time while she’s here. I miss her so much. She’s always been a second mom to me. You know how kids of divorce have the “fun” parent? I was very lucky—No divorce, and I still got a fun parent! I know I should go up tomorrow night, too. But I still have to balance my wants against Ray’s needs. Because he doesn’t have a voice, it would be easy to just make him go along for the ride and I don’t want to do that. Especially on a school night.

But I think I will anyways.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

And if the Faux Belly Bombers are anything close to the real thing.