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Dancing on Broken Glass

Dancing on Broken Glass, by Ka Hancock. Published by Simon and Schuster.

This novel starts out strong and keeps on going. To give you an idea, I flipped to the back, found out the ending and STILL kept reading. Even through my aversion to tragic love stories.

There. I’ve warned you. TRAGIC Love Story.

Lucy & Mickey have figured out a groove to their marriage, through his Bi-Polar disorder and her bout with cancer, and somehow have remained strong and true to eachother. There are good and bad days… And then there are the days when you are dancing on broken glass for the one you love best of all.

The writing in this novel pulls you in deep. I tore through it, even after I knew what the ending was. Through out most of the novel, it is first person through the lens of Lucy’s life. But there are snippets of Mickey, and he takes center stage by the end of the novel.

Heart breaking and wonderful. Definately a keeper. Or maybe, if someone’s REALLY good, a passer-onner.


Next week I’m hoping to post Emily & Einstein. Truthfully, tho, I’m on my way to Disneyland today and won’t be back until next Saturday so we’ll see if that happens on Sunday. Or Monday.


I could always review Disneyland, too . What thinkest thou?