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Best Preacher Ever Heard

I love going to church and having my brother there. I feel like such a kid, giggling and behaving inappropriately… Which was the case today.

Until he began speaking.

I’ve listened to him preach all my life, and I have to tell you that he is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. When he speaks of God, I can feel the Spirit move through the room. When he exhorts us to go out into our neighborhoods and live among them, to be Christian not only at church but in our homes and to our next door neighbors, it makes me want to jump up and cook dinner for a neighbor.

Or go upstairs and find out what’s really going on at 3 in the morning that sounds like a couch is being thrown around… or a person. Of course, when I told him of that plan, he immediately put the kabosh on it. Send Brian, or talk to the manager (which was my plan in the beginning). It’s too dangerous for a woman to go upstairs and intercede between people she doesn’t know.

That’s the daddy part of him talking.

Didn’t I mention that part? The best speaker that I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard some great ones, including Joyce Meyers live in San Jose), and I’m lucky enough to talk to him on the phone any time I need to. I have been blessed to have his counsel, on matters large and small.

Like hurt feelings within the church. Yeh, I got my feelings hurt. On behalf of my son. And it’s pretty silly, and I know it it…  I am ferocious when it comes to protecting Ray, but I need to reign it in. EVERYONE at that church loves him, and I know for a fact that the person who hurt my feelings adores Ray. Take a breath, he advised. Maybe I’ll check it out when I see them next. But how you’re taking it is not how it was meant.

I know he’s right. I could see it as soon as we hung up. That’s one of the things I love about talking with him. He doesn’t brow beat you into believing in things his way. He just puts you on the path, and if you falter the kick in your pants is a small one.



Chirstmas Joy

So. Christmas was going to be v. strange this year, with me not working and all. And yet, some how, it all worked out anyway. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way and let things happen.

Christmas isn’t about just the gifts at any rate. The only reason why they are in the Christmas story at all was that the 3 wise men were giving them a means to escape into Egypt. I think. I’ll have to check on that one.

Sometimes, you need to just believe.

This year, we decorated the tree with Ray. He lvoes the ornaments, and I am so thankful to my parents for the “child’s” portion of the tree (the bottom third). He had so much fun, and is entranced by the tree and the lights. If the lights are not on, he thinks its broken. He’ll just sit and stare… And touch all the ornaments.

We have made paper chains, christmas trees out of craft paper and stickers, and lots of other fun things. He has also made and brought home ornaments from school.

Last week, I was able to sit down for a day and do “crafty” sorts of things with my neice, Leyla. She said it was “Just like the good old days, crafting with Auntie Wyn.” The boxes came out gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

Ray went and had his picture taken with Santa, and he was a very good boy at the mall. He’s starting to settle down, talk more, play more with others. The teacher that comes out once a week is very happy with his progress, as is his doctor.  He has an appointment in January at the UC Davis Mind Center for an autism screening, but I have bunches of faith that they will find nothing.

Life is good. Money might be tight, but money isn’t everything.

So. Merry Christmas every one. I hope you have as great a Christmas as I have had preparing for it.

And maybe one of my New Years Resolutions will be to write a bit more consistently LOL.


PS- I am now going back into work on a part time, as needed basis.