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Haven’t been on line lately because not only has Ray been sick, but so have I.

Cute story: I was laying on the couch, and Ray was playing with his cars. Bri was back, taking a nap. Ray went back in the bedroom, I assumed to bug Dad but not quite… He stole Bri’s blankie, brought it out and covered me up. He then went and got a diaper wipe and wiped the bottom of my foot.

I’m not sure where the wiping of the foot came from, but the next day… Darned if he didn’t do the same thing.

Awwww…. What a kid!

Of course, I was much sicker than him, and he annoyed me… But thankfully, Auntie Becca came over to take care of the two of us while Daddy was at work. God Bless Auntie Becca!

More later,



Wyn’s Top 5 / 5

Top 5 Hymns to Sing:

  1. Joy to the World
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow
  4. (Don’t know the name, but it’s basically the Gloria chorus for In Excelcius Deo?)
  5. Ode to Joy


Top 5 Hymns / Religous songs to play:
(Note: Some of these I used to play a long time ago and no longer have the sheet music for)

  1. Whispering Hope
  2. Morning has Broken
  3. This is my Father’s World
  4. I come to the Garden
  5. Joy to the World

Joy to the World is actually just one of my all time favorite songs. Period. The other four in my “play” list are because they were my mother’s favorites and I can still hear her sing along with them. Of the above, I can play the easy version of Whispering Hope and of Joy to the World.

What are your favorite church songs?


Well, today was the day. Mark it on your calendars. The first time in waaaay longer than I care to admit that I played the Prelude and Offeratory at church. I also tried  to play a praise him for people to sing along to. Only 3 problems with that.

1. My music was different than what they were singing. Still, I made it through the first time, and then when they joined in (the second time I played).

2. The first time through when they were singing, I was able to keep where I was at because I had the words. The next 3 verses, not so much. So I didn’t play all the way through.

3. I suck. Not really, I just haven’t played regularly in over 20 years, and I have NEVER played for people to sing to before. Or, at least, people other than my mother.

I am also happy to say that even tho my brother was there, at church, LISTENING TO ME, he DID NOT jump up, point at me and say “You Suck!” In fact, everyone was so excited and nice about my playing. I kind of felt bad that I hadn’t tried before. Of course, playing for people singing had me more nervous than I’ve been in a very very long time (like since my wedding) and I wanted to rip poor Brian’s face off.

Ah, the joys of marriage.

Alls well that ends well, though, right? And tomorrow I’m off to church to practice a bit more on the beast as she’s going to be called. Cuz she’s kind of…. Quirky. The church organ- my Quirky Beast. I like it!

Luv to all,


PS- Potluck was Yummy as always, and I am happy to announce that Ray made it through both Sunday School AND Nursury (church time) for the second week in a row. YAY! Although after I played for the last time, I went back and had a little peek. Walked off the nerves, more like it, cuz when he cries you can hear it all through the church.


Potty Time

I think it’s just about time to start potty training Ray. Most of the signs are there. He’s always known when he had to pee, and pooping– well, he won’t go poop in a pee pee diaper. Never has, except when I forced his hand or he was sick.

So anyways, he discovered a while back ago how to peel off the diaper. He then proceeded to go and pee all over everything. Just like a puppy, marking his territory. We broke him of it, the game lost interest, whatever.


He peeled off his diaper and Brian was telling him not to pee on the carpet. So I said “Go put him on the toilet.” We now have a new game. Ray peels off his diaper, runs to the bathroom and makes the appropriate noises for us to lift him over the gate and sit him on the potty.

In theory, this is great. IT’S MARVELOUS! WOOHOO!!! Potty Training here we come.

Yeh. Try applying theory to a 2 year old. We did the potty-go-round 10 times in as many minutes. I would get that diaper back on him and BOOM, off to the toilet again. He pee’d every time, but I can’t get him to stay on for more than maybe a minute. Then he’s down, flushing the toilet and I get him back in a diaper and BOOM. Again. And again.


This kid wants to go potty so badly that HE LEARNED TO TAKE HIS SHORTS OFF AND ON TONIGHT just so he could get at the diaper, get naked, and proceed.

He’s never really been into dressing himself. Shoes, yes. But never pants or shirts. And in one night, he not only took OFF the shorts, he gave putting them back on the good old college try. (Both feet/legs went into one, so Mom had to help a bit).

Now, my question is this: DO I go ahead and go full bore and potty train him even though he goes pee a whole lot and doesn’t have language skills? Or do I keep up with how we did it tonight? Get him used to the potty, teach him the language, *then* work on doing it completely?

I really could use some help here. I know a lot of people think he should be potty trained. Daycare Diva thinks he might need a little more time, not only because of the language but because of the frequency.




I just realized today that… I’m going to be playing the organ in church on Sunday. And not only that, but my music teacher thinks I can actually play one of the easier hymns while people sing.

Never done that before. Ever!

Ok, so my mom used to sing along to my practice sessions when I was young and doing it as a chore. But anyone else? Nope, never happened. The church in Fremont, where I used to play, even had their organ way up on a balcony (which was for a choir we never had). So I could go up there and hide, and didn’t have to worry about whether anyone could see me. Or were trying to sing with me and I made a train wreck of the whole thing.


I had a nightmare that I played and my brother was there. After I was done he stood up and said, very loudly “That Sucked.” PLEASE NOTE: THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE. He’d never publicly humiliate me in that way about something that I was so insecure about. Private humilation is a different matter.

So I practiced today, and all I could think of was all the other people and I ended up messing up stuff that I can play in my sleep. SIGH.

Oh dear. I think I’m going to puke.

(I’ll let you know how Sunday goes. The good news is, it’s potluck Sunday, so my empty stomache will have lots of yummy stuff to much on).


Gone Fishin’

I’m going fishin… Or, well, the closest thing to going fishing that I do. I’m a going writing. YAY!

I’ve actually started preliminary work on a novel again. First time in way tooo long that something has excited me like this. I’ve gone and applied to be back in my writing group (please, please say yes! I miss you guys! It’s just really hard with a 2 year old and a job that’s sucking the soul right out of you to write anything).

Maybe if you’re very lucky I might even post a snippet here and there. Not sure where it’s going to lead me… Just that it’s going to be a marvelous adventure.


When Magic Occurs

What happens when a child who feels so much has a limited vocabulary? When he’s angry, or upset, there are tears. There is hitting and foot stomping, when he feels that you have wronged him terribly. And because he’s big for his age, it hurts when it happens.

But oh, the magic is there.

It’s there when he kisses the bruise on my knee, saying “owee”. The hugs that say “I’m happy you’re here”. And he gives out many of those. The dancing that shouts “Today is a good day and this is my moment!”

There are words, and there are the unspoken feelings.

And somewhere in there, this mommy is finding her magic.