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A few weeks ago, I was coming out of a local Togo’s and a kid stopped me and asked if I wanted to buy a CD, only 4 dollars. At first I thought it was boot legged… but no. It was his music, his beats. He believed so much in his music that he was out in that strip mall trying to get people to listen to his music. I gave him $4, and tried to walk away WITHOUT the CD.

Here, he called, you paid for it.

What kind of music is it? I asked.

“Rap, some R&B. ” You’ll like it.”

Not really kid, but thanks for trying.The whole thing was well worth the four dollars to get the lesson in self promotion. Or maybe self confidence. Here he was, seeking his audience, the only way available to him.

Very cool. I was jealous.

Writers don’t do that, I thought.

Then came the article on the internet. About the guy in San Fransisco, who started some really great magazine, retired, and is now going about the city and reading from his work (pertinent to where he is at the moment). Finding new audiences, sharing his world, his talent to whomever cares to listen. And they do! They listen! Otherwise, it would be a story about the old demented writer who went off his rocker.

I know poets go out and perform in public. Once in a while, writers will read from their work at a book signing. These guys took it to a different level, though. The whole thing got me thinking: what kind of confidence does that sort of radical self promotion take? Because they are absolutely sure that who ever is listening is going to love their work. That’s the only reason I can think of for it.

I want it so badly I can taste it. Even though I have no idea where I would go do my radical self promotion… by a lake? At a zoo? Perhaps a talent night at a local cafe, I can read something.

Or not.

Cuz I’m a scardey cat. Gonna take some time to get over that LOL. I can make it one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Do one public reading of an original work.


Wonderful World of Worlds

One of the things that makes me me… is, well, an unhealthy obsession with reading. I read a lot. We’re talking major donations to my favorite charity: Barnes & Nobles.

And I’ve started to infect my son. When he goes potty (number 2, thank you very much), he likes for me to read him a book or three. Because, you know, he can’t read yet. (And yes, I am REALLY WORKING HARD ON CHANGING THAT) Last weekend, we wrote a story together. If you’re good, I’ll include it at the bottom of the post.

My reading is eclectic but I’m a very demanding reader. Don’t bore me. Cuz I’ll put you down and never pick you back up again. Life is too short for bad books. I read fantasy, dark fantasy, historical romance, chick lit, mystery, historical, classics and apparently, now I’m reading something they call steam-punk. It’s fun 🙂

Notice a theme up there? How many non-fiction genres did you find up there? Hmm? I like my nonfiction in magazines and newspapers (and maybe the occasional gossip rag)– bite sized pieces.  Sometimes the occasional book of essays, but bite sized people. Small bits. If I want real life in my life, I’ll go play with my son.

I picked up, at my last forray to my charity auction, a book called  Fiction Ruined my Life by Jeanne Darst. A great read, a little uncomfortable to read in places. It reminded me of a feminine Catcher in the Rye , only a bit more wrong. Very very wrong, even  as I was laughing so hard I might have snorted a bit. I got all the way through the book, having a love hate with the narrator and her views on writers, right up until the very last page.

When she talks about having to show the manuscript to her father.

REALLY? Am I that obtuse? Because, you know, the name on the front of the book is IN FACT the same name of our plucky heroine. And in teeny tiny letters between the title and the author name rest the words “A memoir” .



Kind of makes my views on writing seem a lot too tame, I am perfectly willing to work a real job, I do not want to suffer for my art (or anything else, thank you very much).

Of course, my list of credits includes the following, co-written by a five year old boy. Bon Apetite!

My Mom Ate my Alien

My alien is small, but I am big.

He is green and looks like a double peanut M&M.

Mom popper him in her mouth.

He went crunch.

Mom said “Yumm”.

Momma ate my alien.

Just use the car seat

My son was in a car accident yesterday. His day care diva was driving them all home from picking her son up from science camp, and another lady rear-ended them going at about 35-40 miles per hour.

The accident made both the 6 & 10 o’clock news and a small article in the Stockton Record.

Three cars.

Two buses.

When I got the phone call telling me what was going on, I nearly collapsed. By the time I got to the ER, I was done barganing with God, my baby would be ok or there would be hell to pay.

My baby is perfectly fine. Or as fine as a five year old boy bouncing off the walls can be.

Waiting at the hospital,  I was told at least 3 times that what saved my child from serious bodily harm was the fact that even at 62 pounds I still had him in a car seat and so did his babysitter. Technicallly, he doesn’t need to be in one. He is about 4 feet tall and 62 pounds at 5 years old.

A little bit of cloth and hard plastic saved him from getting thrown about like a rag doll, even though the law states 6 years or 60 pounds.


So do us all a favor: Put your babies in a car seat as long as they will fit. They are not mini-adults, even once they hit the right weight. Do not let them sit in the front seat until you are certain sure that airbag won’t hurt them worse than an accident. And it’s later than you might think.

Just use the car seat. Lets save the babies, no matter how much of a big boy or girl they might be.

Because, after all, we are the adults.

It’s our job to keep them safe.

Special Travel Arrangments

With Ray’s Dispraxia, I was terrified to travel with him. What if he fell and hurt himself— badly? What if I couldn’t handle all the stress and freaked out? How would he react to the change in routine? We’ve never gone anywhere of any great length before, certainly not a 3 hour road trip with a hotel stay overnight.

I shouldn’t have worried.

He had a great time. We went to Monterey, and Saturday was travel, Aquarium, shopping and a bunch of hanging out getting checked into the hotel. When we went for a walk around the water before dinner, he fell down probably 5 times. Tired boy-o. But that’s all it was. He so excited about holding a star fish, and seeing sharks, and and and…. I’m kind of suprised the falls didn’t happen until after we got to the hotel.

Sunday, I was worried about taking him to the ocean. Standing in the little wavelets— it can be unsettling as the sand and water shift under your feet. It kind feels as if the would is falling out from under you. Which, you know, probably isn’t far from what he feels most of the time. When he fell in the water, it was with a laugh “Mommy, the water is SOFT!” He attacked those waves with gusto… and a toy pirate sword. He had a blast. On the way home, he told me “I’ve had a long day, Mommy. I need to go to sleep.” And he did so… sleeping for about an hour and a half.

Lesson number one: Make sure he gets rest breaks in between fun. That one will be important when we go to Disney Land. Will also mean that if we go back to hotel for a nap, he’ll be able to see the night shows 🙂 Do they still have parade of lights?

One great thing– I called ahead to find out that by buying my tickets online, we did not have to stand in line. We were wisked right inside the aquarium. Research, people!

And lots and lots of smiles. Next weekend, we’re off to the Rosecrutian (Egyptian) Museum. Yay us!