Beloved Melon Head



I tell myself that I’ll never forget

the way you looked

so pleased with yourself today

clapping when I sang

“If you’re happy and you know it”



you were happy.


I yearn to imprint the image of you

reaching for the toy bin to pull

yourself into it or even how you

get so frustrated at not being

able to aim your crawling

(flopping like a floundered fish),

yet can stand at the play table,

pound away making all

sorts of devious



There isn’t enough



How many times have Dad

and I giggled together while

you slurp your noodle;

sucking it right up–  a bird with a worm?



Memory fades, but poems are forever

I love you my Buddy, my monkey boy

with the cheese-eating grin.

Just because you have a melon head

doesn’t mean you ain’t smart…

You are my little Ray of sunshine,

the one who painted my world in color

(I hadn’t known I was living in

black and white) with big bold strokes.



You are Beloved.


Copyright 2008, Wynelda Ann Deaver



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