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Happy New Year-ish

So i have made lots of goals for 2021. Not resolutions, just a nod to things I want to do differently. I started most of them in December, at the very end. I just couldn’t wait.

One thing I’m trying to do is submit my work, my writing more. I enjoy writing, and I have several stories that need homes. I wrote 4 or 5 last year and while not a huge amount– it is still an accomplishment I am proud of. I’ve sent 2 stories out, hopefully to find a home.

I’ve started journalling creatively for 10 minutes before going to bed. It helps with story generation, and also working things out. A fire kitten may be making an appearance in a story soon.

One of my dear friends, my sister from another mother, challenged me to a poem a day writing challenge for the year. I don’t consider myself a poet, but it doesnt say anything about GOOD poetry LOL.

I bought an undated planner and am using it to tey and work out a story I am working on. The story has a lot going on and will probably be longer than most of my writing. I tend to do short and sweet, this needs room to breathe.

So that’s what I’m getting into for 2021. How about you? Any wild crazy plans? Or slow and steady wins the race?

Poke Battle

I’m sorry, but it’s hillarious. There’s a gang of 8 and 9 year old boys in my house, having a Pokemon battle as I’m trying to write.

Oh good gravy, and my son thinks my stories are over the top?


We had some good news today. Hopefully (Fingers and toes crossed on this one!), Dad will be home on Monday! Yay! We’ve missed him horribly 😦

So far this week I’ve written an essay on Dad, and also a snarky 5 rules to make it through sitting in traffic thingee. Not sure what the heck I’m going to call it, but it was kind of fun. I have a series of things that are kind of strange, I call it my Shifting Sideways Stories.

Things like tree watching and the Thirteen Nekkid Ladies pop up under that tag. Hmmm… should I post here? Not sure yet. But am still writing, writing a lot… but they are fairly short. I admit that

Of course, I have the attention of an adhd squirrel right now, so it fits. I have 2 notebooks that go everywhere with me, and I now have friends (hi regina!) who enjoy getting first dibs on what I write in them (after it’s transferred to a computer file).

So. That’s my day.

Poke Battle.


They are soooo serious about it, too!  I just kicked them out, and I think my son walked some of his friends home. I say this, because he came back in the house holding his water gun as if it were real and would protect them from the bad guys.

OMG, I love being Mom to a boy!

Break Time

Apparently, when I said I needed a  mommy break, I wasn’t quite on the right track. Close, but not all the way there.  I apparently needed a break from being a wife.

Because a wife sleeps on the couch because her husband has burns up and down his legs. And her hip starts hurting. And she starts resenting… Everything. Even the air he breathes, the food he eats…because she hasn’t slept properly.

But. But.

But someone who only has Mommy responsibilities can sleep ALL NIGHT IN THE BED. And her hip won’t hurt in the morning. And she slept ALL NIGHT LONG. And is sooo sooo very happy right now.

(Imagine me, jumping up and down, clapping like a dork.)

Ray and I have had a nice morning this Saturday. We’ve looked at cars online (WHY OH WHY ARE THEY ALL GRAY/SILVER? DOES THAT COLOR REALLY SELL CARS? WHAT HAPPENED TO ROCK N ROLL COLORS LIKE RED AND BLACK AND SMOKING HOT?), entered to win a Chevy Camaro.  We’ve looked at pictures of Optimus Prime, and Megatron and Sideswipe. We’ve had a pillow fight (oh the giggles!The joy in those eyes!), taken pictures of Dot Dot the Turtle and of Ray sitting on the table…Which could have led to a mommy melt down pre-good night’s sleep but instead was seen as a photo op.

oh! and we’ve played good mater vs, bad mater and doctor mater that fixed the boo-boos.

Wifey had her break, and it was a good one.

But it leaves me wondering…. What does that say about me? About my marriage?

EH. Food for thought.

I’d prefer crab cakes right now, tho.

Bone Tired

I am bone tired. With Brian’s having chemical burns on his feet from a cement burn gone bad… And Ray being a very healthy 4 year old who doesn’t go to sleep until 10pm  and my getting up at 5am (which is when I’m talking to you).. Well.

Mommy needs a day off.  And that’s just to start with.

Of course, being bone tired has allowed me to come up with some startling observations. Some of them just plain wrong, some of them weird. A lot of them will find their way into my writing and my evil plan to take over the world through words…

1. Is it just me, or is it very WEIRD for a Liquer Store to have a sign that reads “WE SELL BEER, CIGARETTS, DRUGS” ? Maybe somewhere else that last word wouldn’t mean what it does. Maybe in a small town, they would read it as asprin, or pepto or something.

2. I’ve watched the TRANSFORMERS movies a gazillion times. Like I said, 4 year old boy, healthy, mommy needs a little time. Soooo… Was I just not paying attention, or is it really hard to identify that ALL of the Autobots (except Optimus, the big rig) are Chevrolets? I knew Bumblebee was a Camaro… But why are they not making the most of that? Huh?I had a guy from Australia I was talking to yesterday ask me if Chevy went out of biz. Out of Biz! Chevy!

3. A baby turtle will snap at a four year old’s fingers if you let said 4 year old hold him while cleaning the tank. Dot DOt the turtle is very cute. Kind of freaky when he sleeps underwater, tho. Can a turtle drown?

4. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I’ve filled pages and pages in a journal with them. I’m gonna start doing things with those ideas shortly. Just as soon as I get some sleep. I promise.

5. I get REALLY cranky if I don’t have a little time to myself. And the hour and a half in the morning doesn’t count. Mommy needs some Me time at night too.


Tonight was Brian’s Bible Study night, so it was just Ray and I.  Bri thinks that I kind of resent Bible Study night, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I look forward to it.

It’s just Ray and I. The Ray and Mommy show. No competing with Daddy for time and attention.  We can go from playing with his cars to running amok to doing sticker art. We are flexible and fluid, going with the flow.

That’s not to say that there weren’t tears or tantrums– Ray is, after all, a 2 year old.

But tonight, when we went to lay down… I popped in a DVD of Disney’s My Friend’s Tigger and Pooh and he giggled. He laughed so hard, trying to imitate Tigger’s hiccups. Giggles and snuggles, then he went right to sleep.

Oh, no, I don’t resent Thursday Night bible studies at all. They’re too much fun.