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Writing Technology 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever written your story on a typewriter…. and know the frustration of having to retype the whole thing because of edits. I always handwrote the stories first, but never quite got it right on the first go on the typewriter.

Next for me was a computer with Word. I fell in love… still love that program. For a long time, I wrote directly into the program, fingers flying. Overjoyed that my fingers could finally keep up with my brain.

Then the words stopped. 

To get them back, I had to coax them, tease them. Play with them again. Hence my addiction to a certain type of notebook. Spiral, so I don’t break the binding when flipping it over on itself for ease of writing, small enough to fit in my purse but large enough to cradle my ideas (it is a large purse lol).

I don’t love, or even like, bringing out my laptop. I don’t have a fixed place for it, and normally end up using it on my bed. One of the few downsides of living in another’s house. Although nothing has ever been said, I try to contain my stuff to my areas.Last summer, when it was the priceline and I, the laptop had its very own place. 

I haven’t been regular on here, and I need to change that. But still, the problem of where to set up the laptop daunted me. It was 5:30 am when I started writing this. I don’t want to wake the sleeping child, or get in the way for when my dad comes out of his room. 

So I am writing this mornings post on my tablet. It’s actually a Nook, one of the fancy ones. I don’t like the keyboard… but I can live with it. 

Let’s see if thisnworks. If not, it may be time for a conversation about being able to  set the laptop up somewhere permanently. That is not near my bed.
What is your favorite part of technology for writing?

Growing into being

Sometimes, the writing part is easy. The ideas come, and the words flow and suddenly you’ve started a word garden.

My word garden is sprouting left and right. But I have a secret.

I’m a terrible gardener.

I have a brown thumb.

So I have done what every good little writer would do. I went to the library and checked out a 5 books, and have been in contact with another writer I admire and trust. Because here’s the thing. I have all this writing, have 2 published titles out in the market…

and I suck at marketing.


I can come up with a million ways to promote my friend’s series. A product at work. The pot luck at church. But when it comes to me? To my writing? I’m having a hard time marketing myself.

Apparently Amazon has pages for writers. Who knew? And my Facebook Page (Wynelda Ann Deaver ) needs help too. Attention. Care. Time. I also need to go through and edit through the lists I subscribe to, the market lists, and pare them down to the ones that have markets I can submit to. And get paid. There will still be places that I will allow to publish something for free… just going to be a bit pickier about them.

I have a story coming out in a new anthology, and as soon as I have a cover and a release date, I’ll get more info to you guys. Look— I’ve known about this aacceptance for a while and I never told you guys! Sheesh!

I need to do better for my word garden. If no one knows the path, the flowers get lonely.


What part of the writing experience seems to be just outside your grasp?




I love to travel. Seeing new sights, meeting new people… it’s a wonderous thing. For me, it’s one of the most inspiring things to do.

Last weekend, for the holiday, we headed up HWY 101 on the coast and pointed North. We went to Oregon, saw tons of things, met people, made memories… and made memories.

I also now have 5 essay/article ideas, and 2 poems fighting to get out.

Possibly a short story, you never know.

I do know that the fresh salt air, camp fire stories, watching 2 boys learn to be men from 3 women, a teenage girl learn to be a kid again, laughter and stories and sun and sand and love. All that, wrapped up in a summertime kiss.

There are probably a gagillion things that could be written about that trip. What caught my curiosity, on the first pass, was limited to about 7 items.7 solid writings that have already been sketched out, so I won’t forget details.

This summer is looking to be promising. Hopefully, i can keep it up. I have a trip to Reno/Tahoe planned for the end of the month. Fingers crossed, it’s a semi solo trip involving driving in mountains. Eeek!

What inspires you? What clears your head, makes your fingers itch for the pen?