Bone Tired

I am bone tired. With Brian’s having chemical burns on his feet from a cement burn gone bad… And Ray being a very healthy 4 year old who doesn’t go to sleep until 10pm  and my getting up at 5am (which is when I’m talking to you).. Well.

Mommy needs a day off.  And that’s just to start with.

Of course, being bone tired has allowed me to come up with some startling observations. Some of them just plain wrong, some of them weird. A lot of them will find their way into my writing and my evil plan to take over the world through words…

1. Is it just me, or is it very WEIRD for a Liquer Store to have a sign that reads “WE SELL BEER, CIGARETTS, DRUGS” ? Maybe somewhere else that last word wouldn’t mean what it does. Maybe in a small town, they would read it as asprin, or pepto or something.

2. I’ve watched the TRANSFORMERS movies a gazillion times. Like I said, 4 year old boy, healthy, mommy needs a little time. Soooo… Was I just not paying attention, or is it really hard to identify that ALL of the Autobots (except Optimus, the big rig) are Chevrolets? I knew Bumblebee was a Camaro… But why are they not making the most of that? Huh?I had a guy from Australia I was talking to yesterday ask me if Chevy went out of biz. Out of Biz! Chevy!

3. A baby turtle will snap at a four year old’s fingers if you let said 4 year old hold him while cleaning the tank. Dot DOt the turtle is very cute. Kind of freaky when he sleeps underwater, tho. Can a turtle drown?

4. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I’ve filled pages and pages in a journal with them. I’m gonna start doing things with those ideas shortly. Just as soon as I get some sleep. I promise.

5. I get REALLY cranky if I don’t have a little time to myself. And the hour and a half in the morning doesn’t count. Mommy needs some Me time at night too.

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