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Poem A Day

Is not going well
I’m sorry to say

The pen dried up
The paper burned
in an imaginary fire
My chisel for the tablet
Cracked in half

Or maybe

My imagination failed
I didn’t get the memo
The kid ate my poem
(The dog turned up it’s nose)

Or maybe

New habits take time
A little grace extended
To self is rare indeed
And it’s time to

Begin again

Problem. Solved.

I want to preface this post by saying that yes, I understand it would probably never work. And yes, I understand my brain sometimes works in a twisted way.

But honestly folks. This would so work!

I live in California. Our area grows lots of things— grapes. Lots of grapes, but not Napa. Corn, watermelon, Almonds, Walnuts, tomatoes… On and on and on. We’re going into our 4th year of a severe drought, and while driving down our country roads you notice the things that are missing. Crops that weren’t planted. Trees taken down as farmers try to deal with the water shortage.

So. Earlier in the week, or maybe last week, I heard on the news that Boston can’t find a place to put all the snow.





So the thought instantly went to… Why can’t they bucket load it into  train cars made for liquids and bring it to us? It would melt as it went… so we could pick up more in the Dakota’s. Or Colorado. Or anywhere there was too much snow. Cuz, yah. The west coast is that bad off.

I know everyone will always have a reason why it wouldn’t work. Too much money.Blah. Blah. BLAH!

I really wish people would see why it WOULD work. Because eventually…

Our farmers won’t be able to grow that food.

That California wine you love? Might not be able to be made….

Governor Brown. Hey! I solved the problem. Figure out how to make it work!