About Wyn

About me.


I’m 40-ish years old and there are days when I still feel 16. or 22.

I love my family, my Dad is one of my best friends and I am fiercely protective of my son. I believe in God, attend church semi-regularly but talk to Him constantly. It’s a small church, a local branch of Community of Christ. I grew up in a similar church (same denomination) in the Bay Area. I don’t like big churches. They skeeve me out. I feel lost in them.

I like girly girl things. I love to scrap book. Writing is my passion but has been on a back burner while I try and get this mommyhood thing sorted out.

Currently, I’m trying to figure out a way to make a better life for my little family. A bit hard in the current economy, but I have faith in the power of creativity. I’ve written 2 novels to completion… I can do this.

Crazier things have happened!


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