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Hello Out There

So I took a leap and started writing again. There are reasons why I haven’t been, other than essays and poetry, but I’m not going to go into those reasons here.

Gonna skip right over it and go to the why I write portion on the post.  Because a lot of people who write often forget this part.

I don’t write necessarily for publication. It would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not why I write. As a matter of fact, if I sit down to write something with a sale in mind, my fingers get tangled and I can’t write.

I write because it is where I go to and lay my soul bare. It’s where I go to resolve issues that I’m going in circles about. I write because it is through my words that I find… me.

So. That’s why I write.

Why do you?

Christmas Joy

So being a mom takes Christmas and up ends it. And when you’ve been working on basic things like speech all year long… Sometimes the magic all happens at the same time.

Ray and his dad put up the tree today. And as Bri was building the tree, Ray danced around the living room (think potty dance amped up x 100) saying “My Tree~ My House! Mommy, my trees!”

And when the lights when on, oh I didn’t know if his little heart would be able to take it.

He has come such a long way in the past year. His vocabulary has just exploded, using simple sentences, imaginative play, whole bunches of stuff. He is my Christmas Joy, and I love to hear the music of him calling “Mommy! My house! My tree! Christmas!”

Yes indeedy Raymond, there is a Santa Clause

Things Fall Together

So back in August I was able to get help with day care. That enabled me to save to be able to move (Tomorrow!YAY!). Then, in November, I went over to the apartments to see J, the manager.

She was running a special. She couldn’t guarantee it until January, but December would work.

At that point, I had no idea if Bri would be home yet or not. I struggled with the decision, prayed hard about it. Should I go ahead and move and be by myself with Ray in the apartment for a month until Bri got home?

I finally got the feeling that God had put something in my path, and wouldn’t I be an idiot not to pick it up? I mean, when He gives a gift only a bozo wouldn’t want it. Right?

So I called J back soon after and took an apartment. We would move in the 5th of December. Also known as Saturday. I took a great big old leap of faith. And BAM!

It was a good thing I had. Because Brian came home on Tuesday.

How’s that for things coming together? For a Master Plan?