Archive | May 2010

Billy & Linda

It is burned into my heart, the last time I saw them together.

He was laying in the hospital bed, she was by his side. There was a group of us in the room. He was razzing her, complaining that she was spilling water on him (the cup rested firmly between his hands). I watched as it tipped a little, then a little more… Until he was splashed yet again. (Notice I didn’t mention anything about saying anything to the poor guy about the impending splash down?)

The teasing could have gone either way. But all of a sudden, she bent over him and they kissed. And a small part of me just said “oh.” Oh. This is what they mean, the love that they always try to portray in movies and romance novels and never get quite right.

Billy, we’re going to miss you forever.  Linda, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but we love you.