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Have written close to 1200 words this weekend. Not much time left for writing here, sorry. Will try to get something up Monday or Tuesday for you.

The one, lone person who is reading this.

I’ve also included a pic of myRay of Sunshine as my header. Let me know what you think…. Personally, I think he’s adorable LOL



Came up with the perfect opening line for a story. Had to make sure to tell Leyla, so I wouldn’t forget as I was just on the edge of taking a nap.

Which is very very exciting when you realize that I haven’t written anything except for this blog and a couple of poems since… well, forever. YAY!

Will it work out? Who knows. All I know is that I have at least a start and can jump head first from there.


Well no wonder that kid can’t talk

I am a very creative soul. Which has become glaringly apparent when I’m talking with Ray to and from day care.

There’s the Giant’s bed. As in, the bed for a giant. Bales of hay, piled high with a blue tarp folded haphazardly at the edge. And the cows.  Ray will point and say  “Cow! Moo…” with the moo soft and gentle. He also calls horses and the occasional goat & sheep a cow. Oh well, that will come in time.

The really sad part are the bumples. Yes. A bumple. The word popped out of my mouth before I thought about it and it has stuck. A bumple is a rail road crossing, that makes the car go “bumpity-bumpity-bump”. A Bumple.

Of course, I’ve also invented a whole new category for relatives. The Auntie Cousin. Yup. You heard it. Because I was a mid-life baby, and so was Ray, many of his cousins (the first kind), are the age that his aunt’s and uncles should be. Leyla is around alot, he loves her to death (he hugged the phone last night when she was talking to him)… Well, cousin just doesn’t get it. She’s an auntie. Sooo I invented the Auntie Cousin.

Now, I don’t really think that my bad language habits are going to hurt him. But it sure will make life interesting for his teachers when he starts pre-school (for communication disorders) on July 28th.


And really. Since we’ve been taking these super-sized morning trips? The whole 2 weeks? He has mastered up and down (via overpasses and the game we play with going “up-up-up” and “down-down-down” complete with sound effects), learned the word cow (and sort of what it is), the sound it makes, and all sorts of interesting things. He has blossomed.

So who cares if I make language more interesting? It’s the gift of a talented soul.





Arms spinning,
legs pumping,
laugh squealing,
eyes flashing,
constant motion
brings back the
wonder of life.

My son has turned into a whirli-gig for his 3rd birthday. From one thing to the next like a maniacle hummingbird.

Whirli-gig. That is an almost perfect word to describe him. He finally passed out at 9:10pm. After waking up at 5am. If he had woken up at 5am with me again today, I think I would have thought seriously about the merits of cough syrup. Or indulge in a nice long cry.

Yesterday was Ray’s 3rd birthday. Nothing much, just him, Poppa and I. His family party will be on Sunday. For his actual b-day: A few presents, McDonalds for dinner, and playing with the toys afterwards. We drew on the concrete pad out back with side-walk chalk. We rammed cars. Ate a monkey, or tried to. Always moving from one thing to the next with lightning speed.

How can you not love a whirli-gig?

Bird Song, Dirt Digger

(Written previously)

It’s 5am and I’m sitting out back, listening to the birds. I love that there is so much… nature out here. Yesterday, Ray chased down the birds with a butterfly net. He waves bye-bye as they are fleeing his net. Mostly, they are these funny little birds with blue wings and tail and an off white chest. They are about the right size to fit in a cupped palm. Perfect for the butterfly net should he ever actually catch one. Yesterday, though, I also saw a hummingbird. It was so curious, had to check out the swing set. I guess it was just curious too see all the changes and meet the new neighbors.

Ray has also discovered the joys of digging. We brought out the sand box toys from Gacca’s, and he really loves that little shovel! There’s a little space on the patio, behind the big bush, this is bordered with wood planks and has nothing but dirt for him to have fun with. It’s all packed kind of tight, so I may buy some sand for it, or clean dirt. LOL.