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Holy Sacrifice

Ok, I’m the first to admit it. It hasn’t struck me as ironic until today. When I really thought about it.

During our wedding, the minister said “As they embark on this Holy Sacrifice” (or something to the effect) INSTEAD of “holy sacrament.” Now, I love my family. That family includes Brian.

But man— It sure as Holy Heck has been a Holy Sacrifice at times.

I have separated from him before. But I had faith (misplaced at times, I’ll admit). But after the last stinit he straightened out. He was GOING TO CHURCH… as a matter of fact, he WAS MAKING ME GO to church. Instead of the other way around. Praying every day, letting Ray see him pray. Going to Bible studies. Sheesh! I thought to myself. A Good Thing I stuck around to reap these rewards.

Because it would have been easy. And right. Make no mistake, I am not saying that divorce is bad, or that some one should stay in a rotten relationship. I’m saying that for ME sticking around worked. I happed to get the one out of a bazillion who actively worked to change himself. And it worked.

Sort of.

Cuz we’re separated again, tho by circumstance not my choice. And we shall be re-united again sometime soon.

I wonder if the minister realizes how prophetic he was?

Face Book Addiction

Ok, so is it really an addiction if I only pop on a few times a day to check it out? Because, you know… There are worse things I could be doing. AND all of my “friends” are people that my husband would know… Well, except maybe 2… No, make that 3… ahem… 5. But those people are my writing contacts! Really! Honestly!

I have gone from hating facebook to being on it almost every night/day. How about the rest of blog-land? Are you on facebook? Do you like it? Did it start out as a like… or full bore addiction right out the gate?

I should probably mention I had sent a 3 page letter to Brian detailing exactly why he would not be on facebook anymore….. and now I’m doing it.

he. he. he.

What the Keck

So Brian will be home some time next week. Just in time to help me move! YAY!

I don’t know what word press is doing, but it is annoying. Can’t get the Tag or the publish drop down to go away. SIGH. Oh well… Moving onwards!

Ray is doing so well. I hope the transition will be smooth for him. I think it will, simply because he’s a happy little trooper. He will definately miss Poppa, though, as will I.

I’ve been trying to finnagle a look at the Walmart Ad for Black Friday and it won’t let me. Sigh. Had an email with it in it… Maybe they want me to wait. We’ll see, cuz I’m going to try again tomorrow. WHo can wait until Thursday? That’s CRAZY talk!

I am grateful for so many things coming up on this Thanksgiving. One of which is the past 6 months that Ray and I have spent with my Dad. It’s been great for us. Him… He’s probably gonna enjoy the quiet (for about 10 minutes LOL).

GOtta go. More later this weekend. Trying to be a good little blogger again.



Bits of my life are scatter thither and yon right now. I’ll try to pull them together for you and make a co-hesive whole.

1. Dental Work: Yup. If you’ve talked to me lately you know I sounds slightly like Daffy Duck. They are suppposed to fix it tomorrow when they finish up the work. I really wish that the ladies from WESTERN DENTAL who schedule these things would tell us: “You know, that’s an awful lot of stuff to do in one day… how about we split it up?” Oh well, at least this dentist BELEIVED me when I told her about high tolerance to pain killers. I’m not after vicodin (won’t take the nasty stuff— do nothing for me ‘cept make me goofy). I just want a PAIN FREE visit. Yay!

2. Am moving back to Sesame Street on December 5th. I’m so happy I could cry. I miss my place, my neighborhood, being so close to everything. But I feel kind of guilty cuz….

3. I’m leaving Dad. He’s in a better place now emotionally– he’s got friends that he sees, goes out to lunch, etc…. But I am going to miss being around him every day terribly. I am so grateful for the time we’ve spent here. It has been a blessing in so many ways if I tried to cound it here I’d take up all the space on the world wide web.

4. I’m going back to Sesame Street! Yah, I know I already mentioned it. But it’s worth repeating. It’s another 1 bedroom (sigh), but hopefully we won’t be in it for very much longer. Next place will be a house.

5. Ray can say his “S”! Finally! Day Care Diva worked and worked and worked on it with him and he can say an “s”! This is super huge terrific news! This news is so good, I bought him a talking Bumble Bee from Transformers– a $20.00 toy even though so close to Christmas. Sue me. I’m proud. He worked hard. Yay Baby Ray!

6. We’ll know Tuesday whether or not Brian will be home in time for Holidays. I’ve been praying ferociously. Please, allow our family to re-unite! We miss Daddy!

7. Ray still loves Walmart. It is his happy place. And lest you think it has to do with toys— not so. Did not even go into the toy aisles today. Food aisles and clothes only. Is still his favorite place on earth, although Target runs a close second. That’s my boy– his happy places are both shopping centers!

8. Went to church today and loved being there. They started a new class on the Sacraments in the church, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe once we move back to Sesame Street, we can come for Sunday schoold even if there is no nursury for 11 o’clock service. That’s the reason we don’t go a lot of Sundays. No one to watch Ray during 11 o’clock, and it’s a LONG drive from Dad’s house. From Sesame street– 5 – 10 minutes.

9. That’s all for now folks! More to come, soon! Promise!