Holy Sacrifice

Ok, I’m the first to admit it. It hasn’t struck me as ironic until today. When I really thought about it.

During our wedding, the minister said “As they embark on this Holy Sacrifice” (or something to the effect) INSTEAD of “holy sacrament.” Now, I love my family. That family includes Brian.

But man— It sure as Holy Heck has been a Holy Sacrifice at times.

I have separated from him before. But I had faith (misplaced at times, I’ll admit). But after the last stinit he straightened out. He was GOING TO CHURCH… as a matter of fact, he WAS MAKING ME GO to church. Instead of the other way around. Praying every day, letting Ray see him pray. Going to Bible studies. Sheesh! I thought to myself. A Good Thing I stuck around to reap these rewards.

Because it would have been easy. And right. Make no mistake, I am not saying that divorce is bad, or that some one should stay in a rotten relationship. I’m saying that for ME sticking around worked. I happed to get the one out of a bazillion who actively worked to change himself. And it worked.

Sort of.

Cuz we’re separated again, tho by circumstance not my choice. And we shall be re-united again sometime soon.

I wonder if the minister realizes how prophetic he was?


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