What the Keck

So Brian will be home some time next week. Just in time to help me move! YAY!

I don’t know what word press is doing, but it is annoying. Can’t get the Tag or the publish drop down to go away. SIGH. Oh well… Moving onwards!

Ray is doing so well. I hope the transition will be smooth for him. I think it will, simply because he’s a happy little trooper. He will definately miss Poppa, though, as will I.

I’ve been trying to finnagle a look at the Walmart Ad for Black Friday and it won’t let me. Sigh. Had an email with it in it… Maybe they want me to wait. We’ll see, cuz I’m going to try again tomorrow. WHo can wait until Thursday? That’s CRAZY talk!

I am grateful for so many things coming up on this Thanksgiving. One of which is the past 6 months that Ray and I have spent with my Dad. It’s been great for us. Him… He’s probably gonna enjoy the quiet (for about 10 minutes LOL).

GOtta go. More later this weekend. Trying to be a good little blogger again.



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