Bubble Boy

One of Boy Wonder’s few words is “bubbles.” He’ll request them first thing in the morning, while eating his lunch or right before bed. The word comes with an exclamation point, and on the breath of a sigh. It doesn’t really matter. He just wants his bubbles.


Shimmering rainbow spheres made of nothing extraordinary. All you need is soap and water, with a plastic wand to blow through and Ta-Da! Bubbles!  The unexpected beauty of the bubbles transforms our little home into a wonderland worthy of the Disney Channel.


Watching his face as it shivers with anticipation, the bright pop of his blue eyes as one lands on a button nose, the deep concentration as he tries to capture the magical globes, the squeal of success as he gets one of them to land on the spare wand… It makes this middle age mom remember that there is the extraordinary in the every day.


Too often, I get tied up in the every day, mundane agony of trying to be a good mom, wife, employee, friend, daughter, sister. It all adds up and then multiplies quickly, and if I can’t find a way to let the stress go Boy Wonder will pay the price. He’s already entering the terrible two’s, it is highly unfair to saddle him with un-warranted emotional baggage as well at this young age.


So when Mommy feels herself loosing her cool, and steam is beginning to whistle out my ears, I grab the bubbles. Fortunately, they work as a great distraction when either one of us is in a bad mood. My favorite is to stand in front of the air-conditioner and let the cold air blow them all around the living room: high and low, zoom! there they go~ Can you see them? Can you feel it?


All the unnecessary worries and stresses, zooming around the room, transformed into beauty for one bright moment before they disappear for good. Or at least for now.


Bubbles, my friends, are a good thing indeed.




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