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The Princeling’s Dream

So my son, like many a 10 year old has multiple things he wants to do. One of them is being a video game designer. When I saw the library having a class about coding and making video games, well… He’s all signed up. I found someone to drop him off, and I’ll go meet him at the library.

He also wants, very desperately, to be a YouTube star. I don’t understand a lot of what he’s asking for technologically speaking, but I do understand desire. Creativity. Putting yourself out there.

Yes, he puts himself out there, talking about video games. Sometimes, the video is of us, or of a field trip to Mission San Jose. He regularly creates these videos, and they are important to him.

He’s my kid, and he’s pursuing his dream.

Mommy is following suit.

See, right here? This post? Written earlier, and scheduled. I know I’m going to be gone over then next week, but I also know that I want to be more regular on my posting. So.I am doing as the Princeling does, and working towards it.

If you feel like giving the boy a hand, you can go see his videos on YouTube, under Weare We

He’s being brave, and creative…. and I’m proud.

What has she gotten herself into now????

The title for this blog could just as easily be “what’s she done now”, All the people who know and love me can tell you that I have an aptitude for clutziness and am “highly intelligent, no common sense” as one brother puts it.

That being said, i am having an utter blast.

Last weekend I was feeling so much better that I started cleaning out the books and clutter in the garage. Then I went to tackle Ray’s bedroom. By Sunday, when I normally post, I was so disgusted and tired that I wanted to weep. No stamina.

This weekend however, not only did we go to the Mickey Grove Zoo (which should be billed as a min-zoo… not a whole lot there right now), I watched Ray’s little cousin T and ran around with the boys out back. We then proceeded into much birthday foolishness, since T’s birthday is coming up in the next week or so.

Today, it was hanging out with T. and L. Then playing in the back yard with Ray. When I say playing, I don’t mean the sitting on my butt being “base” to his army guy, either. I mean I got up and we kicked a ball around, ran around chasing aliens… generally having a grand old time.

In the past week or two, I also came to a hard decision on my not quite rock opera. I’m not ready for it. At 2 years, I’m still going through it and I was so angry and frustrated. Part of that was being sick for so long, but a lot of it was forcing myself to go through everything again. It might be that I need to deal with it in fiction when I get down to it, too, instead of a first person monologue.

I’ve started world building on Alex’s new story. Alex was the heroine of my Master’s Thesis. She was a kick butt kind of heroine, as Mistress of the Dragon’s she kind of has to be LOL. And a new story is perking and bubbling patiently, waiting for me to figure out the details.

Oh. And starting in March, I’ll be posting over on Mocha Memoirs’ blog, which I believe is linked on the side over there. I’m going to be posting on the 10th of the month and decided to do it Ten by Ten. So… Ten stanza poem, ten paragraph story/viginette etc etc. Any ideas for this? I’m not a great poet, but I love what I consider writing games.

I do have a few books to talk about, but I’ll try to get to them during the week.

Till later, my lovelies!

The Finish Line

The Finish Line


Well, I made it across the finish line and there was much dancing of the happy sort. I finally, finally finished something.

I have a short story with a beginning, a middle and an end. It has a heroine, a villain and a supporting cast.

It also, strangely enough, has a lot of alliteration. It’s funnier than I normally write, and her mouth gets her in trouble every once in a while, but it was fun. I looked forward to writing the next day. I got it all written down and crossed the finish line.

I’ve reclaimed my writing self.


Now I just need to take that momentum and carry it over into the next one and the next and… WHOA. One story at a time. That’s all we have to do. Tell one story at a time.


In other news—I made a trip to the bookstore and picked up some reading material. I just finished Jane Bites Back and will be reviewing it soon.  Probably by Thursday. I rewarded myself for finishing with a small(ish) bag of books. But I need to keep it in perspective.

I can read other people’s dream constantly  or forge my own.

Not really a hard choice there.

Sodden Sunday

Sunday, we went over to Dad’s after church.  The reason was so that we could do laundry over there (we had the quarters– just not the stuff you need to get it clean LOL. And yes, we’re adjusting to a new kind of budgeting hehehe).

Ray had a blast.

And so did Dad, methinks. I know I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Dad has an old fashioned back yard. There’s a concrete deck, but there is a ton of yard. AND an old fashioned sprinkler! Ray ran through it, played T-Ball in it’s spray, romped, rocked and rolled all the way through the day.

Oh yeh. We kind of took over his back yard with some out door toys for Ray. T-Ball set. Soccer ball. Not too much.

The thing he love love loved, though… Was the sprinkler.

My favorite picture of the day is of Ray, grinning at me, eyes kind of crooked, water running from his chin like drool, hair completely plastered to his head. But oh, the fun he had been having!

His shorts got so wet they kept falling off. His diaper got HUGE with water. And he didn’t really care. He had the time of his life. We watched him go at it from a respectably safe distance, laughing and talking and having a grand old time.

He also got an Oreo cookie, ice cream, and lots of treats from Grandpa. Ray fell asleep on the way home, snoring almost the whole way.

That is what Sunday’s are for. Thanking God that you have a family that you enjoy, and that enjoys you.

Musings, Dreams & ESPN

If I had the option, I’d play with words for a living. Not necessarily writing, mind you, but playing with words. It’s something that I love to do, something that brings me joy.

I can hear the question already. How do you play with words if not by writing?

Well, of course writing has a lot to do with it. My neice-cousin-friend came over the other day, excited about a project she’s starting. Making purses. And this girl is talented with a capital T.

So. I told her what her company was going to be called, her tag line and even some names for her collections. The names are all a play on words, on cliche’s, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Now, she might never use them, but it doesn’t matter. I had lots of fun, and so did she.

I also like making acrostic stories. Not the poems, where it spells the name going down the side. Nope. I do stories with them. And poetry, too, but not acrostic. I love writing, don’t get me wrong. But in my dreams, Wynwords Inc. does a lot more than just short stories and novellas and blog posts. Wynwords Inc has FUN!

And no, I’m not going to tell you the ideas we came up for L. Why? Because then someone else might use it before she was able to, and then I’d NEVER get my gorgeous, sparkly in a cool, weird-wyn way purse that was made just for me. So there!

What would you do, if you could earn money doing the one thing that made you happy? That you had fun at?  I think Bri would be a sports announcer or have a sports talk show or something. HEY! ESPN! Why don’t you have a sports talk show for all these men out there? All the shows I’ve ever clicked past look like a news show. Might widen your audience, too, bring in more women which could translate into advertising dollars.

Oops. There I go again. See what I mean? Wynwords Inc: Idea Factory for hire. CALL ME, ESPN!!!!