Sodden Sunday

Sunday, we went over to Dad’s after church.  The reason was so that we could do laundry over there (we had the quarters– just not the stuff you need to get it clean LOL. And yes, we’re adjusting to a new kind of budgeting hehehe).

Ray had a blast.

And so did Dad, methinks. I know I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Dad has an old fashioned back yard. There’s a concrete deck, but there is a ton of yard. AND an old fashioned sprinkler! Ray ran through it, played T-Ball in it’s spray, romped, rocked and rolled all the way through the day.

Oh yeh. We kind of took over his back yard with some out door toys for Ray. T-Ball set. Soccer ball. Not too much.

The thing he love love loved, though… Was the sprinkler.

My favorite picture of the day is of Ray, grinning at me, eyes kind of crooked, water running from his chin like drool, hair completely plastered to his head. But oh, the fun he had been having!

His shorts got so wet they kept falling off. His diaper got HUGE with water. And he didn’t really care. He had the time of his life. We watched him go at it from a respectably safe distance, laughing and talking and having a grand old time.

He also got an Oreo cookie, ice cream, and lots of treats from Grandpa. Ray fell asleep on the way home, snoring almost the whole way.

That is what Sunday’s are for. Thanking God that you have a family that you enjoy, and that enjoys you.

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