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Lets Dance

So the week has been sort of rough. David Bowie… broke my heart. I stood in the kitchen, had the little catch in your chest. The tiny “oh” that breaths out and you realize…

That the world is changing. Our role in the world, too, is changing. But that blog post, the one about mortality and all that is for another time and place.  In this post, in this post…

Many people have talked about the role Bowie had in making it ok to be “other”, to be ok in your geeky self. And I get that. I really, really do. But what made the biggest impact on me was something else.

The first is the way he is a chameleon. If Bon Jovi suddenly changed genres, we’d all be scratching our heads. Even die hard fans might be… um… maybe not. David Bowie was a chameleon, taking on wide ranging music styles (he sang a Christmas carol with Bing Crosby for crying out loud!) and changing his look just as quickly and confidently. Fashion. Art. Music. Theatre/acting.

He was the zebra that changed his stripes and I loved it. I ate it up, begged for seconds. Why? Because I hate being tied down to one format, especially in my writing.  I like romance and epic fantasy and funny fantasy and paranormal urban vampire sometimes scary and and and… I hate being tied down. Do I write all of that? Not yet.

But I know I can.

The other thing David Bowie embodied for me was the loveable villain. I’m going to make the assumption we’ve all seen Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. If not, go watch it. Right now! GO!

But… The Goblin King, Jareth.. the first villain I ever fell in love with. I can’t even remember the girls name, but it would have been very different had I been that character. She never would have come back home. But happy, oh yes. (in real life, probably no… but we’re talking fantasy movie with muppets and DAVID BOWIE).

This makes writing the bad guy so much harder. So I think in my WIP, I’m going to try seeing about making the bad guy a little more… more. There needs to be layering, although I’m not sure even Bowie could make him irresistible. But definitely layers…Not everyone is the villain because they are completely evil.

Sometimes everyone is just trying to do what they think is right.

Meanwhile, I think I’m going to grab my red shoes and dance the blues tonight.





And yes, I know that the world lost another amazing talent today. I just… I can’t.