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Uncle Mark #wemissyou

You were involved in some many firsts, although not *that* one lol. You were the first grown up friend we made, one outside of family, school or church. 

You called us the Katzenjammer Kids.

We called you Uncle Mark.

Which is utterly ridiculous because you were only 5 years older than us.

But you had a house. We were in our early twenties, and that seemed so far away. That’s the only thing I can think of, because you were wholly and unapologetically there for us. 

We met at Danny’s, of all places. In Milpitas, off Calaveras. It was our non bar hangout, and your dinner stop on your commute home from work. I still order the Super Bird, with a side of ranch. Dipping it makes all the difference,

You weren’t one of my college buddies, but we talked about everything. From motorcycles to midevil knights, books and bars. Your interests were so wide ranging, I think you could talk to anyone about everything. 

You found love, and lost love. Always painfully, and sadly, once, tragically. And yet you still believed, still put yourself out there. And found it again, with Lyn. I could tell when I met her that she was going to be good for you. That twinkle was back in your eye. You, Sir Knight, had found a Lady worthy of your wooing and you enjoyed it.

I didn’t make it to your funeral. Damp, winding roads scared me too much. Instead, I did something I know you’ll approve of. I went and spoiled my great nephew, visiting from afar and sicker than a dog. He napped while I dropped the stuff off, but spoiling doesn’t happen because you need approval. It happens because they need to be spoiled. 

Regina and I will miss you terribly, Uncle Markypoo.But we know that when you see you again, you’ll share all the best spots with us and have some amazing stories for us.

Billy & Linda

It is burned into my heart, the last time I saw them together.

He was laying in the hospital bed, she was by his side. There was a group of us in the room. He was razzing her, complaining that she was spilling water on him (the cup rested firmly between his hands). I watched as it tipped a little, then a little more… Until he was splashed yet again. (Notice I didn’t mention anything about saying anything to the poor guy about the impending splash down?)

The teasing could have gone either way. But all of a sudden, she bent over him and they kissed. And a small part of me just said “oh.” Oh. This is what they mean, the love that they always try to portray in movies and romance novels and never get quite right.

Billy, we’re going to miss you forever.  Linda, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but we love you.