Things Fall Together

So back in August I was able to get help with day care. That enabled me to save to be able to move (Tomorrow!YAY!). Then, in November, I went over to the apartments to see J, the manager.

She was running a special. She couldn’t guarantee it until January, but December would work.

At that point, I had no idea if Bri would be home yet or not. I struggled with the decision, prayed hard about it. Should I go ahead and move and be by myself with Ray in the apartment for a month until Bri got home?

I finally got the feeling that God had put something in my path, and wouldn’t I be an idiot not to pick it up? I mean, when He gives a gift only a bozo wouldn’t want it. Right?

So I called J back soon after and took an apartment. We would move in the 5th of December. Also known as Saturday. I took a great big old leap of faith. And BAM!

It was a good thing I had. Because Brian came home on Tuesday.

How’s that for things coming together? For a Master Plan?

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