Break Time

Apparently, when I said I needed a  mommy break, I wasn’t quite on the right track. Close, but not all the way there.  I apparently needed a break from being a wife.

Because a wife sleeps on the couch because her husband has burns up and down his legs. And her hip starts hurting. And she starts resenting… Everything. Even the air he breathes, the food he eats…because she hasn’t slept properly.

But. But.

But someone who only has Mommy responsibilities can sleep ALL NIGHT IN THE BED. And her hip won’t hurt in the morning. And she slept ALL NIGHT LONG. And is sooo sooo very happy right now.

(Imagine me, jumping up and down, clapping like a dork.)

Ray and I have had a nice morning this Saturday. We’ve looked at cars online (WHY OH WHY ARE THEY ALL GRAY/SILVER? DOES THAT COLOR REALLY SELL CARS? WHAT HAPPENED TO ROCK N ROLL COLORS LIKE RED AND BLACK AND SMOKING HOT?), entered to win a Chevy Camaro.  We’ve looked at pictures of Optimus Prime, and Megatron and Sideswipe. We’ve had a pillow fight (oh the giggles!The joy in those eyes!), taken pictures of Dot Dot the Turtle and of Ray sitting on the table…Which could have led to a mommy melt down pre-good night’s sleep but instead was seen as a photo op.

oh! and we’ve played good mater vs, bad mater and doctor mater that fixed the boo-boos.

Wifey had her break, and it was a good one.

But it leaves me wondering…. What does that say about me? About my marriage?

EH. Food for thought.

I’d prefer crab cakes right now, tho.

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