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Easter Parade

Hoppy Easter. Ok, I know it’s a day late and I’d probably be a dollar short… But Still! Better Late than Never, right? (How many cliche’s can I wring out of one little sentiment? LOL)

So. Went to church on Easter, and it was nice. Had breakfast with everyone, a nice service. But then the magic happened! We went to my dad’s for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Which was great, don’t get me wrong. And the food— deeevine! Tri-tip and spareribs and OH MY! It was so yummy my tummy almsot forgot it was a holiday. Thought maybe it was a family bbq!

The magic. I know you’re all wondering what it was. When/where it happened. Well. I’ll tell ya!

Ray, Brian and I all went for a walk around the block. We ahppened to get back about the same time Leonard was pulling back up. On his Harley. And Ray, with all the enthusiasm of a 2-almost-3-year-old boy has for all things motorized started “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” and talking up a storm. Well, Uncle Leonard put him up on that bike.

Excuse me. I just commited sacrilidge. It’s not a bike. It’s a Harley. Ray went wild. So much so that when the other little kids came out and wanted a turn, he got a little hurt. They were on  HIS Harley! Make them go away!

Well, eventually, they did all wander away. Especially after the adults quit taking pictures. And then Auntie Linda REALLY let him get up close and personal with the Harley. Decked out in a helmet and sunglasses, he was ready to go!  She sat him up on the gas tank and let him play with all the buttons (except, like, 2) and I think my little boy actually Shivered with excitement.  She let him stay up there for as long as we could stand it (until right before the egg hunt) and Uncle Leonard told the Amazing Baby Ray that he could have a ride when he’s a bit older (I’m glad at least someone agrees with me that he’s a bit young for the first ride, yet! ).

But OH! That little boy fell in love. On the way home from Daycare Diva’s today, he screamed and yelled at every single motorcycle that he saw. Whether it was because he thought they had stolen his bike, or it was because they were on inferior rides, I’ll never know. But boy howdy does my boy got some lungs on him.

So. Uncle Leonard & Auntie Linda: Thank you for making my boy’s day. You combined motorcycles and button pushing, and I think he’s gonna be a fool for you two for a very long time 🙂