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Paging Dr. Bailey

I am a little too addicted to television. One program in particular.


My husband knows better than to try and talk to me while I’m watching it. Even the Amazing Baby Ray obligingly goes to sleep before 9pm on Thursday s, because that’s when he’s gonna loose Momma anyways.


I Love Grey’s Anatomy.


My favorite character is Bailey. I love her no-nonsense, caring persona. When my life was falling apart, Bailey and I were both pregnant. Although my delivery was much easier than hers, I knew exactly what she meant by she was not going to do it alone.


I also like that even though she’s established, she’s following her heart to go into pediatrics. Tonight’s episode is especially heart wrenching. And even though I know it’s an actress, and that it’s a script… There’s something that still hits me in the heart when it comes to Bailey. Moms know other Moms.


And really, when it comes right down to it, isn’t that exactly the kind of person you’d want looking after your baby in  a life or death situation? Ray’s pediatrician when he was a baby, up to about a year and a half, was an older gentleman. The last time we saw him, he called Ray by another name and kept trying to give him shots. We were there for a follow-up on Ray’s ear infections. By contrast, his new doctor, Dr. Green, is a lively woman who takes time with Ray, knows him and his medical needs. She recognized when he was talking a lot, his improvements.


Ray loves Dr. Green. He will literally hang off the waiting room door, wailing to get in. She may be taller, and have a lilting accent, but her caring, no-nonsense attitude makes me believe that perhaps we have found our Pediatrician version of Dr. Bailey.


Gotta run, commerical’s off.