SO. What happens when Mommy decides that an almost three year old should not get a basket full of candy for Easter? She goes to the store and buys Play-doh.

The Play-Doh octopus/undersea set, to be exact.

Monday night: We played with the set for an hour before bedtime. Tuesday: about 10 minutes before leaving for work (daycare diva for him), then another hour before bedtime. Wednesday: Repeat Tuesday’s activities.

Any guesses as to what I’m preparing for tomorrow morning?

I’m  not complaining. It’s great that he fell in love with something that boosts not only creativity but also fine motor skills. And to have your son so in love with something you chose for him– magic.  Brian or I set and play with him, enjoying the time, the fun, the magic of play-doh.

I do have one complaint. We spend, as Mommies, how much time teaching our kids not to put stuff in their mouths? ALOT. A WHOLE LOT of time is expended in the venture.

And what does Play-doh do?

They make several sets that I know my son would love-love-love. With squeezy molds and squishy things ALL SHAPED LIKE FOOD. Come on, are you for real??? I could only find 3 non-food sets at the store I was at. Octopus, Monkey, and some kind of duffel bag (although the duffel bag might have had something in it). At the MEGA TOY STORE, they have more non-food Play-Doh items.

It doesn’t matter that it’s non-toxic. It’s yucky! The thought of it… EEEWWWW. (Of course, that might just be the mommy in me. But I’m the one paying, shopping, and etc. so my vote is the only one that counts at this point.)

So. Mr Play-Doh CEO, R&D person, whomever: PLEASE make more fun stuff for my son to use. That does not resemble food in any way shape or form. Play-doh as learning/creativity toy = good. Play-doh as snack= bad.


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