Dad, Unplugged

Dad Un Plugged


(Written Wednesday, 4-1-09)


So a weird thing is happening, and I thought it was just me. Turns out it isn’t. Dad has a very twisty sense of humor coming out. I rather like it. I can see now where my brothers get their sense of humor. Cuz I could never figure it out before.


Like yesterday. I called him and was sick sick sick with allergies. And he mocked me. Didn’t even TRY to make me feel better, oh no…  This man whom I adore did his level best to make me feel WORSE! And I love it!


“Oh, you’re sick? We’re having home made cinnamon rolls. Your sister is making them for me. They are yummy and delicious. Don’t you wish you were here?” And on and on. I love it.


The men in my family have a tendency to e on their wives personalities to a certain extent. They are still themselves, but censored through their wive’s eyes.I think Dad may have been a bit that way too. Or I’ve forgotten what he was like growing up. I think that might be more it than anything else.


I remember when I first started driving I had borrowed Mom’s car o drive over to TG&Y. When my friend and I pulled up at the house, before we even got out of the car, he started carrying on about what had I done? There was a huge dent in the car and how could I show my face at home again after doing that to my mother’s car? He was so convincing that both of us believed him! And I knew, KNEW, that I hadn’t been hit or in an accident or anything else.


Twisty sense of humor indeed.


Unplugged and uncensored.


There are stories that I could tell. Just from tonight! But I won’t. I will say that he never said anything that was truly out of bounds. He is a minister after all!


Tonight was fun. If I hadn’t mentioned it before let me tell you. Went over to Dad’s after work with Ray. We rode with Auntie Beth. I had a blast! Watching my son run around, breaking the ice between family members… Listening as he laughed with my brother, Professional Mr. Grumpy Pants (my brother Leonard)Mr. Grumpy Pants trying to get Ray to point at my sister and Ray kept pointing up in the sky like he was looking for Superman.


My son is my Little Ray of Sunshine and I love him to pieces.


He’s got a little bit of Grandpa’s deviltry in him, too.


Ahhh….. Boys.

One thought on “Dad, Unplugged

  1. That big ole Town Car! We rocked it didn’t we! Moms hair would blow back in musical g’s whenever she got in it after we had gone anywhere … lol

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