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P4M Bomber

Or was it a bomber? A lot of sites are saying that it was a spy plane, too. In talking with my dad the other night, he started telling me stories about the P4M that he flew in.

It was one of his favorite planes. He got so animated talking to me about it. About how his “skipper” used to race fighter piolots. And doing “mock” attacks. And generally just told me about a time in the world where the men were just grown different.

They Grew Bigger than life.

I’ve listened to stories from my father before. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before. But this time I heard the lilt in his voice, the upbeat it took on while reminising about a great time in his life. So I went and googled it.

It was a nice looking bird.

It’s amazing the things you pick up on if you just listen with both your ears and your heart. It doesn’t even take a whole lot of heart to hear it in their voices, either. Just a little bit, and you can make a huge difference in their lives.

We found a picture of the plane that one of his friends flew in (Also a P4M but it was a -3, instead of a -1) and emailed it over. We spoke of model airplanes, and that specific plane.

What a great day.