Belly Bomb

So I’m writing this on my laptop computer. (Note: This was written Tuesday Night 3/31/09 ) You’d think that all was right with the world. The baby boy is asleep, and I’m sitting in the livingroom just typing away.
Not so.
My sister, who has always been so much more than a sister, is out here from St. Louis. And if things were the way they are supposed to be—you know, me a spoiled child living with Daddy and flitting from here to there with no responsibilities, I’d be over there in a heart beat. But it’s so hard. I get up early in the morning, start running and don’t stop until I get off work, pick up Ray and make it home… Although, even then, I still don’t always get a break.
So … to go to Dad’s after work or not tomorrow night. At e I was all “no way.” Now I’m all…. Hmmm…. Maybe. Especially since they’re (ie Mary) is going to make Belly Bombers. A belly bomber, to the un-initiated, is a White Castles Burger. Even though I was born and in California, well, we had family all over the country and traveled a lot on summer vacation.
So. I miss the fact that I can’t be with Mary all the time while she’s here. I miss her so much. She’s always been a second mom to me. You know how kids of divorce have the “fun” parent? I was very lucky—No divorce, and I still got a fun parent! I know I should go up tomorrow night, too. But I still have to balance my wants against Ray’s needs. Because he doesn’t have a voice, it would be easy to just make him go along for the ride and I don’t want to do that. Especially on a school night.

But I think I will anyways.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

And if the Faux Belly Bombers are anything close to the real thing.


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