#Postmark of #Envy

I may have mentioned before that I really enjoy writing letters. They are a lot like this blog, conversational style. Every week I send out cards to two of my aunties, who live on the east coast (Hi Aunt Mary! Hi, Aunt Lee!). I started simply because I never wanted to say “I wish I had…” I have a friend that I write to once a week, and that one’s fun. He gets everything in  his letters, the good, the bad, the ugly temper tantrums. There are a few people in the rotation that they get a card whenever I feel the need to send one to them .

One day I went through a whole book of stamps.

I was also a little bit bored. If I’m not working on a project, or reading a book that has sucked me down the rabbit hole, then I write cards. I write them in my car before going in to work. I write them on my breaks, my lunch.

I’m very particular, too. I prefer cards that are blank inside, with nice sturdy envelopes. The pictures vary– simply because I’m eclectic. But the messages themselves do not. They all say, each and every one, I am here. I care.


When I first got back to work after surgery, I was talking to one of my customers. Keep in mind that I’ve talked with many of these people for almost 8 years. We have a relationship, even if it’s only over the phone. They ask about the princeling. I ask about grandkids, the wife, whatever…. Anyways, I had been off for 2 months with my surgery. This customer asked how I was, I let him know I was much better…. and then he told me how he had lost 3 or 4 people in his family over that 2 month period.

My heart broke.

And my pen flew. I wrote a quick, one line note. And had everyone else sign it. We sent it, and it meant the world to him. I’ve since sent them to about 5 or so other customers— ones that I enjoy talking to, or whose story resonates with me. I don’t do it always, simply because I don’t always have the cards with me. but I always care.

That’s why I send cards religiously to my Aunties. They know without a doubt that I care. Emails are great for a quick fix. Facebook is wonderful to share pictures and memes. But to show you care?

From me, it will always have the postmark on it.

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