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So my very good friend and mentor, Rie, has a great blog called Here’s the Clean. In it, she is incredibly honest about what she’s trying to do, and it inspired me.

Sometimes, I need to clean. Either because I have a ton of anger to get out or because I need something mindless to do while my brain declutters itself.

Oh my goodness, was my brain cluttered.

And, maybe not so much inspiration to bite off all at once. Next time, I’m going to dial it back.

My son’s room was first. Always messy. But more than that, his special lego builds were being destroyed which just made him mad. They were first thing when you walked in the door to his room.

IMG_2248 IMG_2247 IMG_2249

The boy’s room before.

Me being me, I clean a bedroom by getting everything up on the bed or near it.


Then I started moving stuff around. Got it most of the way where I wanted it, then got stuck. Could not move the bed any more at all. I had it mostly in place, but not all the way.SIGH. Onward!

To the garage!





Again, only so much I could do in there, until I find someone to make a dump run for me… but it’s a great start!

The boyo’s father came over, and he finished moving the bed into place, so now his room looks all nice and shiny and comfy cozy…IMG_2259IMG_2260  Ta Da!

Obviously, I had some stuff to work out. And I did (more on that later this week, I just shook the words out and I’m still trying to find out what they want to say and how they want to say it). Part of it was that Dad is now home (YIPPEE!) and we had to change where the legos are… and I wanted to look beyond what looked good and went into how his room works for him.

We’re not going to the place right now, where everything has changed and not just where the Lego’s are hidden.

Actually, I kind of enjoyed taking the before and after photos. Concrete proof of what was accomplished. As a writer, so much of what’s going on is happening in our own brains… It’s hard to convince someone that you’re working on something.

But as for me? I really enjoyed collapsing into my own bed!

Tonight, I made dinner for my family, and we ate around the table. And life is good.

More soon!