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Circling the Stacks

This week, the two books I’m reviewing have 1 thing in common:  I circled around both of them at the book store. It took me a few weeks before committing to them in the form of actually buying them.


The House I Loved by Tatiana De Rosnay (St Martin’s Press). This one has a gorgeous cover, which is what first entranced me. And yes, I do often make my first judgment on a book based on the cover. The novel is a love letter from the heroine to her beloved (deceased) husband, about the home and the life they shared there. Napoleon is on a mission to make Paris a modern city, and their home is to be demolished in order to expedite the mission. Even though it appears on the surface to be about just that, there is something that she’s trying to tell her husband that she couldn’t tell him in life. Something that has burdened her… and she needs to get out from under that burden before she rejoins her husband.

It’s very prettily written, with lots of asides regarding letter writing, reading, getting lost in novels. It is a peek into another life, one that contains much more than is written on the surface. When the heroine writes of the smells that bring back the loves in her life… it is remarkable in the fact that she does not include her daughter on that list.

All in all, while I enjoyed the book… I hate to say that I wish I had waited for the paperback. However, it was good enough to make the “sending it to my sister in Missouri because I think she’d really like it too” category.

Graveminder, Melissa Marr, William Morrow. I wasn’t sure about this one, mainly because it kept talking about how creepy it was. I don’t do horror. But I finally cracked open the book, read the first few pages and decided to read it. The premise reminded me a bit of Sarah Addison Alen (Garden Spell, Sugar Queen, Girl who Chased the Moon) who is one of my favorite authors.

I was riveted right up until the part where Marr takes the reader into the underbelly (the land of the dead). She almost lost me there—and I can’t put my finger on why. The transition just wasn’t quite as smooth as I would have liked. Once that scene was over, and things started cooking along… Well, it was a lot better. Bottom line is that I would read this again, but there are areas that I will skip over. I’m curious about her other books, and will probably check them out.

Oh, and it does get creepy, but not in a Stephen King Pet Cemetery I’m gonna wet my pants kind of way. Overall, a keeper.


Ta Ta for now, my lovelies. I have a review in the saved files, perhaps if you’re good I’ll post it on Wednesday or Thursday.