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Books in Bloom

I have a question. Actually, I have several questions (it’s not new for me hehehe). The first one is: why is it that I have no problems putting down a book I paid good money for if it is bad, but I hang on just that little bit longer for a Nook Book?

Specifically, a free Nook Book.

Now, first of all, there are several books/novellas/stories for free out there that were simply marvelous. Grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let me go. I’ll give you a list later. But there seems to be a plethora of freshmen E-books that are sadly lacking.

The book I’m reading is actually a pretty good story. With the right editor, it could have been much better. Admittedly, having a Master’s Degree in English and loving to write kind of make me a harsh critic, but remember: I am not critting the author but instead am going after the editor.

The book I’m reading right now is a free Nook Book. It’s got pretty good action, and I feel for the character as is evidenced by the fact that I’m still reading it. I’m still undecided if I’m going to share the name of the book and/or the author though. I don’t want to make them cry, when it’s a really good story. (Leaving this author out.)

But. But the author has a couple of bad habits that a good editor, or even a competent reading group, should have caught. Such as commenting on the fact that the heroine has become spoiled by being indoors after suffering near freezing temperatures. No fewer than three times has the comment been made. Possibly four. I stopped counting. S/he also has a habit of describing the heroine as “The Blank Girl”. As in fill in the blank. The confused girl. The exhausted girl. The new healer (which, granted, had the benefit of throwing in a new word). Easily tightened up. Confused, Heroine went to the library. Exhausted, she climbed on the horse. The last one isn’t as easily tightened up, but it can be done.

I know this because my writing friends call me on it all the time. Maybe I’m spoiled in my writing friends. Perhaps they have  set the bar too high. Although  I have to admit after trying to read some of these free Nook Books, I’m half tempted to get my completed novellas (which seems to be the format I prefer), putting them through the writer friend test, and selling them as a Nook Book for $0.99.

But now on to my general rant about the Nook Books. Is it really that hard to pop it onto a Nook screen and skim through it before going live? Because there are some PRO books, with REAL editors and BIG PUBLISHING houses behind them that have stupid errors in them. Wordsrunningtogetherbecausesomeoneforgottocheckformattingisnotverynice. (Translation: words running together because someone forgot to check formatting is not very nice.)

So. So far the Nook is still good. Had to figure out that it really does not like the interface with Internet Explorer for Windows 7, so downloaded FireFox. After I did that, downloading from the laptop (my preferred method) is great. Am saving money, see my Freebie List so far.

Free Nook Books that I have Loved:

The Gauntlet, Karen Chance

The Queen’s Witch, Karen Chance

These two stories should be read in the order listed above. They are short stories.  Kit Marlowe as a vampire, Queen Elizabeth, magic, mayhem—grabbed me by the throat and made me enjoy being choked. The main drawback to these stories is that the author, supposedly, has not done a series with the characters in them. Bad author! Bad! You have a great thing going here, and a built in audience.

Summer’s Crossing, Julie Kagawa

It has Puck. And Tatiana. Is told from Puck’s point of view. Need I say more? Is part of the Iron Fey series, which I have not read.

Winning The Wallflower, Eloisa James

Already did a review on this one. It was free when I got it, but may now cost money. Hint: It’s worth it.

Once Upon a Winter Eve, Teresa Dare

I think I may have actually paid $0.99 for this one, but I liked it. Flowed nicely, keep me hooked, and I really liked that little hideaway the spinsters found for themselves.

Let me know your thoughts & recommendations. Who knows, you may point me in the direction of my new favorite author.