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Why Not #Journalism?

I met some wonderful people today (**waves**), and in talking about writing the question came up. “Have you ever thought of writing for a newspaper?”

Ummm. No. Not really.

Why not?

Mostly because I’m not trained in it. I do enjoy writing essays, human interest things. Lord knows I have an opinion hehehehe. But with my writing, I’ve always kept my “writing”  mostly fiction. In speaking with Dad, I tried to figure out why. Why? Why! One immediate reason is the way my whole family is filled with storytellers—- but I’m the only one who cops to its being fiction. My grandfather told my brother & I whoppers that we swallowed whole while asking for more stories. My dad is fond of saying he was a cabin boy on Noah’s Ark. And that he swam across a frozen river, and walked uphill both ways to get to school as a boy. I really don’t want to tell you how old I was before I actually listened to that one and figured it out.

For myself, I love talking to people and learning their stories. If I ever was going to do any kind of journalism, I think it would have to be human interest / good news. Or travel life hacks (I learn a lot from Linda Deaver!). I don’t have a “nose” for breaking a news story I don’t think. Now, if you want me to tell someone’s story… I can do that! Or, as I said, offer my opinion or an essay on something.

But straight news? I don’t know. I’ve done so much writing for other outlets: how to articles, essays, short stories, flyers, newsletters…. that I guess it would just be a new form to learn. Not sure any newspaper would want to coach me through that learning curve tho.

Anyways, my lovelies, I hope you have a wonderful night! What kind of writing have you not tried yet? Why not?