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SIsters Weird

Sisters Weird

 How many of you have sisters? One thing about siblings is that we have a collective memory, a history that transcends the ups and downs of our lives. We also often love eachother feircely even when we can’t stand eachother.

Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown (Penguin Publishing Group, released in paperback 2/7/12.) Not only does it honor the collective memory, it tells the story from a collective first person point of view. I was charmed by many things in the story: characters, library cards instead of televisions, the use of The Bard… but what really rocked my world from both a reader’s and a writer’s viewpoint was the Point of View.

I have never even heard of a plural first person narrative. Nope. I take that back. But that was a split personality, and quite frankly each personality was different.  So, in fact, I have never read anything quite like this novel.

The plural first person perfectly captures the nuances of being sisters. An excellent read, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  

This week, I’ll be posting on Tuesday and Thursday because I have a bag full of books which is always a good thing… Possibly on Wednesday. Thinking of doing a Writing Wednesday post, and get me honest about that as well.