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A Theif in the night

So, last January, someone broke into our storage unit here at the apartment. All they took was my Christmas tree and all the ornaments. ALL the ornaments. Including ones that had been on my family tree since before I was born. All the ornaments my little family had added, including ones that Ray made.

How could someone come in and Steal Christmas? Why do people do that? I mean ok, the economy sucks but still…

Last week, someone broke in at my work. Did not take anything that we can find— just left a mess.

It leaves me wishing for the neighborhood I used to live in. You know, the neighborhood’s of our childhoods where the sun shines, kids play out side and nobody worries about things like that.

Why can’t everyone live in a safe place? Why do people sneak in and steal not only our things, but also our sense of security? Why is it so hard to reclaim our neighborhoods  and keep our family safe??

Do you know what it’s like for a three year old to hear that someone stole Christmas?  I can’t imagine having to tell him that something else, something worse, had happened. Yet mothers across the country have to do just that everyday.

I only got a little glimpse, but there are  mothers out there living a nightmare of insecurity every single moment. My heart goes out to you.