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Yellow School Bus

God bless the Yellow School Bus.

Well, the first day, 1 week ago, I was cursing it to three forms of hell. They didn’t stop for Ray, and he ended up running after it to no avail (with daycare diva). It near broke his heart. Then the bus people didn’t answer their phones… V. V. aggrivating!

But! Ray is now going to school. It has been 1 week, and he is doing great. He loves the Yellow School Bus, loves it so much that I use it to bribe him to get dressed in the morning. “Do you want to go on the bus today?” 

 “YAY! Bus!”

“Then you need to get dressed!” Arms fly into the shirt, head pops out, legs into pants… He really wants to go on that bus.

Another good thing about the bus, and school, is that he no longer takes a nap. Which means he is out by 8pm. Which sounds horrible, since we don’t get home until 6pm… But he was staying up until 10:30 at night and later. Now, Mommy gets some time to read, to write… To blog.

I’ve noticed that he’s talking a lot more now, too. His “Mommy, Mommy,” as he tries to show me what’s important to him has lost the baby in it. It is now almost all boy.

My boy. Going to school.


Growing up is hard to do. But letting go is just a wee bit harder, me thinks.