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Book Review: Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson




I found this through the Nook cheapies page (it’s currently $2.99 for Nook- go snatch it up!). It’s definitely a paranormal, what with wizards and werewolves and shifters and vampires OH MY! But the part that interests me in this is the way the main character, Drusilla, deals with the fall of her hero.

Plot in a Jot: DJ is the Jr. Sentinel for New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hits, decimating not only New Orleans but the border with Old Orleans. Her mentor and Sr. Sentinel goes missing and she has to figure out what happened to him and how to get those of Old Orleans to respect the borders. Oh! And there’s a sexy co-sentinel for her, as well as his sexy cousin.

I like it when a character is conflicted to the point that DJ is in this novel. Gerry practically raised her. Her father gave her up, then her grandmother handed her over to a total stranger and no one has ever told her why. But Gerry has become the center of her compass point: he is mentor, friend, father figure and more. As what happened both before and after the destruction of New Orleans unravels, DJ is conflicted. At first, she believes he has been kidnapped, held against his will. Then as she slowly comes to terms with what is going on…

Well, as that’s happening she gets a magic stick. Becomes closer to her co-sentinel, developing a relationship (not necessarily romantic although that might happen too).  Oh. For a little while, she also gets a dog named Gandolf. Hehehehehe. Oh, and some powers that she has no clue how to use.

Yah, this series is going to be a fun ride.

Bottom line: 4/5 WHOOHOO’s, because although Sookie might be gone we now have the Sentinels.