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Guest Post- Rie Sheridan Rose

I asked a good friend (a sister from another mother) and writing mentor to do a guest post on writing in multiple genres. It’s something that a whole lot of people don’t talk about. We all read in different genres and forms (poetry, high fantasy, magazines, news papers, chick-lit, romance, contemporary, literary fiction, classics, gossip columns…. and those are just from my reading list LOL), but do we write in different genres? Why did Nora Roberts have to write under a different name in order to be taken seriously as a mystery writer (ok, that had something to do with gender at the time, too…)… but the question remains. Will you follow an author across genres? Have you ever thought about it?

Without further ado, here’s one of the bendiest writers I ever did know. She crosses genre and form with a single bound… and does it extremely well.


So, when I was asked to do a guest blog post, I said sure. About what?

Maybe I should have asked that FIRST.

I have been asked to talk about writing in different genres. I suppose this might be because I have written/published:

1)      Science Fiction

2)      Fantasy

3)      Horror

4)      Steampunk

5)      Romance

6)      Erotica

7)      Poetry

8)      Young Adult

9)      Picture books

10)   Lyrics

11)   Non-fiction

12)   Blogs

In other words, pretty much a little bit of everything.

Some people think that one needs to specialize in a specific genre to be good at it. I personally think that limits your potential. For one thing, what if you become blocked in your genre of choice? If you are having trouble writing on a fantasy, say, why would starting a new fantasy be any easier? If, however, you write in a range of genres, and you become blocked on the fantasy, you can work on your horror novel for a bit.

Also, no genre is perfectly contained within itself. A good fantasy may include romance or horror. A good romance may be science fiction in setting. The more genres—and their conventions—that you are familiar with and comfortable working in, the more layered and rich your work becomes.

Personally, when I am blocked, or wishing to write, but don’t have a lot of time, my go-to genre is poetry. For one thing, poetry is dictated by form, not subject, so you have the best of both worlds. You can write poetry in any genre. I have an entire collection of fairy tale poetry, for example.

In short, my best advice is never limit yourself. Keep trying new things. It will help you grow as a writer. Every genre that you try is another that may become your new favorite. You will never know if you can write in a genre until you try. But if you find you don’t like one, let go of it. Don’t feel trapped into a rut.

I know I have tried time and time again to write a mystery novel. For some reason, it still eludes me. But I haven’t given up wanting to write in one of my favorite genres to read. I keep trying.

Writing is supposed to be fun. Always remember that. And keep experimenting—it will keep your writing fresh for the readers.


To find Rie’s work on Barnes & Noble, go here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/rie-sheridan?store=allproducts&keyword=rie+sheridan

To find Rie’s work on Amazon, go here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=rie+sheridan  (but be careful, cuz I think there were a couple of red herrings on this one.

To view her blog and keep up on what she’s up to: http://herestheclean.com


Thank you for Visiting, Rie!


Helping Hands

I’m getting ready to send the story off. I had planned to just write it, put it away, and start on a new project. Couldn’t get anything to stick, and quite frankly something amazing happened.

My niece “stole” my story pages and typed them in for me. Thanks, Leyla Bean! It was a tremendous help.

And then.

Then I sent it to a friend **wave to Rie**. She asked if I minded a “hard” edit.


But I said yes. Even before I had even READ the typed copy. Why? Because I trust Rie. Because I knew that if I put it off it might not happen. That hard edit? Wasn’t very hard at all. Some of them were formatting issues, some were misspellings and misunderstandings on the part of the typist. But then, oh then, Rie started prepping me to submit my work.

I wrote it (literally hand wrote a 4,000 word short story). Someone helped me edit and get ready (down to how to blurb) to submit. Writers are a special breed my lovelies.

In most businesses, potential “competitors” would never lay out exactly how to get the finished product through. Need more proof? Google Writing Tips, or here on WordPress put the topic/tag Writing in your Reader portion. There are *tons* of people trying to help other people get their voice out in the open. I often cruise on Word Press while on breaks (loving the Android!) and writing is the go to topic. I almost always find a post or two to read.

We are, in a word, odd. Writers are odd. There, I’ve said it. We live in our heads. We’re often “performing” while solitary. We love our stories, our words, with a passion. The drive to write, to publish (and yes, they are two separate drives) is fierce but yet we will reach out a hand and help drag someone else to the very best of their ability.

The very generosity of those who helped me… it’s humbling.

I’d better write more, make sure that their investment of time is worth it.


PS- I just finished Cathy Lamb’s new novel coming out in August. I’ll post a review this week. IT”S GOOD.