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Mocha Memoirs Press: a brief interview with the publisher :)

I’ve always believed in the power of a question. Because, honestly, you never know until you ask (or submit your stories). I didn’t expect to get a positive response, because I know how busy Nicole is with everything…. and yet, she did say yes.  So as promised, my lovelies, here is the interview with Nicole, publisher of Mocha Memoirs Press!

  1. Just to get it out of the way… When I go to the Mocha Memoirs Press site, there is an 18 year old or over only disclaimer. Nothing weird is going to pop up on my computer when I go in there, is there?

NK: Nothing strange at all. We just want to give parents and readers a heads up to the fact that some of our titles are erotic romance.  Some people don’t like those more erotic elements to their romances, we like the disclaimer to be there as well, a disclaimer. It’s harmless. Just a big message box.

2.  Can you talk about the books you publish? Do you enjoy all of them?

NK: I do enjoy them all and have read them all. I publish stories that I enjoy and ones that I find are character driven. Genres I love are science fiction, fantasy, horror, and of course, romance.

3. I noticed that you have a lot of recognition in the Science Fiction genre… Do you write in any other genres, under any other names?

NK: I do write under various pen names in other genres, namely romance; however I am not at liberty to share it because it’s a secret. In the past I have used Elisabeth Gordon and Nicole Givens as well.

4. What’s your favorite genre to read?

NK: My favorite genre to read is cyberpunk. Well, I also enjoy reading urban fantasy too.

5. Between MMP and writing, how on earth do you find time for it all? Did I hear that you’re also a grad student? Do you sleep at all J ?

NK: LOL. I sleep very, very little, but every once in awhile, my body rebels and I sleep for 12 hours.

6. Anything you’d like to leave us with? Anything new and exciting coming up from Mocha Memoirs Press?

NK: Our anniversary is coming up in July and we tend to go BIG during that time. Stay tuned.

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