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Poem A Day

Is not going well
I’m sorry to say

The pen dried up
The paper burned
in an imaginary fire
My chisel for the tablet
Cracked in half

Or maybe

My imagination failed
I didn’t get the memo
The kid ate my poem
(The dog turned up it’s nose)

Or maybe

New habits take time
A little grace extended
To self is rare indeed
And it’s time to

Begin again


Well, the tenth is fast approaching which means you can find my poem, A Haunted Birthday, here . Yay! I’m so excited… I really like this one, and I hope you will too! (It was inspired by my trip to Disney Land in April).

In other news, I have a brief Q & A with the publisher of Mocha Memoirs Press which I am saving as a Mother’s Day gift for you, my lovelies!

I’m just all a shiver!

Ta! Talk to you soon! Go read my poem! Let me know what you think 😀