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Trick of Treat!

Trick or Treat


I lied. I actually read two Halloween themed books. Yay!


Death Of A Neighborhood Witch (Kensington Books)

Death of a Neighborhood Witch, by Laura Levine is a nice cozy mystery. I loved this book, except for one thing. Her best friend in the book, Lance, kind of annoyed me to no end. Which, you know, when you’re writing a character— is actually a good thing. Because I cared enough to be annoyed by him and indignant on Janie’s behalf. The voice was great—somewhere right around what I could imagine my own internal monologue going LOL (stay away from the Halloween candy in the grocery store!).


I Ate The Sheriff: Mallory Caine, Zombie at Law (Pinnacle Books), K. Bennett

This one kind of got me. I thought it was one type of story, and it turned into something completely different. Not bad different, just… Different. I enjoyed it probably almost as much as Mallory Caine enjoyed fresh meat. It’s actually one of the only zombie books that I’ve ever read… And the other one, I skipped about 200 pages. The ending of this one is apocalyptic, so hang on to your hats hehehe. I didn’t really feel that the whole werewolf romance billed on the back copy went anywhere or should have even been mentioned… The book does well enough with females (of which I am LOL), that it doesn’t need a forced genre. The book has a lot going for it, and the way it morphs and yet stays true to itself is one of the bestest.


So… Two Halloween treats for you.


Next time, look out for some tricks!