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Under Suspicion

Under Suspicion by Hannah Jayne

Wow. Just wow. I read Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, Jeanine Frost (sp?), Mary Janice Davidson… and now Hannah Jayne.

Under Suspicion excels because of the heroine, Sophie. She wants sooo badly to be kick-ass, but just can’t quite pull it off. Which is just as well, becuase I’ve got to tell you that I LOVE a heroine who has a soundtrack to her life, even if she didn’t get Bon Jovi. And when she starts asking “What would Paula Do?” I dare you not to laugh so hard you get a cramp. I double dog dare you.

The mystery portion was very well written, as was the underworld component. This is apparently the latest in a series that I haven’t read yet, but don’t let it discourage you. I jumped right in and didn’t “miss” having the other books, although I’m probably gonna go looking for them very very soon.

Ta Ta, my lovelies. I think tomorrow or Thursday, we’re gonna have a discussion about actual brick and mortar book stores. What thinkest thou? Let me know, or I’ll inflict my Dyspraxic’s Disneyland on you all. Or maybe my latest book 😀

Have a great week!