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Writing Cheer Leaders

OK, so I realize I’ve been lax over here. In my defense, I have been writing. YAY me!

My son asked me what I was writing, so I told him. I now have a seven year old cheerleader who wants me to write this book soooo badly (“Finally you’re writing something COOL”). He gives me plot ideas, and staging directions (the demons need to have purple swords, like a lego sword, mommy). He asks me what I’m writing (I don’t tell him most of it– I do write adult fantasy fiction), how much I’ve completed and lots and lots and lots of questions.

Today I actually sat down and plotted part of it out. It’s not an outline by any sense of the word. More of a collection of scenes that I know I need in the story, with snatches of dialog, thoughts, etc. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve sat down and plotted like this? I think it was the last time I completed Nano (10 years ago?). 


There have been short stories, but no novel/novellas.

Involving my son did so much for me. Not only am I sharing something I love with him, he actually
“gets” it when Mommy is typing away at her laptop. “Are you writing Mommy? How far have you gone today?” And I admit it, it is ridiculously gratifying when he’s impressed with my measly word count. He is seven, after all. Plus, he actually will let me write, instead of interupting me constantly. He knows what I’m doing, I’ve done it with him (transcribing video game stories of a seven year old is HILARIOUS!) and he enjoys it and knows the feeling of completion when it’s done.

But for seven he sure knows how to both give me a shot of inspiration and a kick in the butt at the same time. Do you have anyone that fills that function for you?

I’m off to make a word count…