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NASCAR– Who Knew?

Ok. I’m the first to admit that I should have known this. It should have been a no brainer. I mean, Raymond LOVES cars. For some reason, it never dawned on me to turn on NASCAR for him. See what his reaction would be.

He loves it.

But it’s more than just he lvoes it. It animates him. He was yelling at the television, talking, dancing, jumping up and down and clapping. Look at the first part of that last sentence again.

A child with speech delays, who would rather not really talk a lot, was babbling and yelling and even saying intelligble things like “Go car go!” and “Uh-Oh!”.

Brian’s into football and baseball. Me, I’m not really into sports but I’ll watch gymnastics or ice-skating once in a while. You know, the girly sports. But now, well, NASCAR’s got me. Because when something gives you child so much joy, when in turns the switch on, well… You’re going to hit that switch as often as possible. Right?

Yup. Mommyhood changed everything. We now have a family sport. Something Ray enjoys, and Bri and I enjoy watching with him.

Oh. You should have seen him. Eyes dancing, clapping. Doing a little dance. He was so happy, it was beautiful. And the words! Oh!


Nascar. Who knew?