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Wicked Little Romance

I’ve been reading romances since I was in the fourth grade. Granted, at first I was only allowed the “sweet” Harlequin romances. But I graduated quickly. The genre has been with me ever since, accompanying my through a Master of Arts in English Literature. If you ever want to see how brave you are in the face of ridicule, make sure to take a romance novel out of your back pack in full view of a professor who has an inferiority complex. My response to all of her frothing was to note that as a writer I was very interested in one of the fastest growing genre’s.

She wasn’t amused.

Somehow, my little romance novels survived the rigors of a higher education. Perhaps only because I am a spiteful, stubborn student. Perhaps just cuz they are good. Although there is great freedom in the romance genre, there are certain things that are to be expected. 1. Boy and girl meet. 2. Boy & Girl fall in love/lust 3. All sorts of mayhem keeping them apart. 4. Happily ever after ensues.

I don’t generally enjoy stories that take place between persons who are already married. Don’t know why but in the normal course of my reading I don’t take that trip.

Enter in “My Wicked Little Lies” by Victoria Alexander (Published by Zebra, it goes on sale January 31, 2012). This book has landed on my all time favorite list. It takes the question of “What happens AFTER happily ever after?” and throws in a bit of boredom, jealousy, a secret or two and some great BFF’s for the heroine. This book is witty and winsome, striking the perfect pitch between the couple in question.


Trust me on this one. I give it five out of five stars….

As an added bonus, the publishers are giving a sweet deal next month (2/13/12 to 2/18/12) on the first book of the series: The Perfect Mistress, also by Victoria Alexander. Perfect for Valentines day, whether you have someone to share it with or not :-0


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