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Dear Bruce Willis

I don’t know if the reports about what you said about making action movies is correct or not. Did you really basically say you were in it only for the money? I don’t know. Could be the media has blown this all way out of proportion. It’s happened before.

But really. C’mon. If this is the truth, then I say to you: put your money where your mouth is. There are thousands, if not millions of writers out there. I bet one of us could come up with either a non-action film that could gross lots of money OR an action film that might just make you say “Hey, that sounds like fun.” I really think you should do it. Want more ideas? Open it up to short story or novel writers.

Because here’s the thing. If you keep going on the path you’re on, you will end up like so many hack writers. They need money, so figure “Hey, I’ll knock out a quick romance / children’s book/ tween novel and sell it for mucho money.” The problem is that even if they get published, the readers know that they aren’t on the same page so to speak. I have a Master’s degree in English, but I proudly carried my novels (romance and epic fantasy included) to school. They are the genres that I love, and I saw no reason to break my own mold.

There’s no guarantee when you go off and do your own thing. But  you know, if you’re true to yourself things have a way of working out. Or at least working to make you happy. I understand that some people can’t see the joy. They worry over every penny and wonder how someone with less can smile and enjoy life.

I’ll tell you why. Because we know the secret to life. There are, in fact, things more important to money. The next few months will hurt financially for me, but you know what? I’ll still be able to cover my bills. And if my son’s happiness is really all wrapped up in getting a new toy every week (a habit I broke him of), then… well, i haven’t done my job as a parent.

If you don’t like the movies you’ve been offered, Bruce, go and find the story that you want to tell on screen.

If you don’t like the genre you’re writing in, find something that makes your soul sing. Your fingers will start flying over the keyboard, and at least you’ll know that you’ve given it your all.

Ok. I’ll get off my soap box for now.

By the way: My laptop was unfortunately injured and has been with the tech for a while, but I just got it back. YAY! Normal (for me) book review tomorrow. I still have Brandy Purdy’s new book to get you to buy…um, tell you about LOL!

Till tomorrow!