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Book Review: Blood is Thicker by Meridith Mansfield


So I keep up with Meredith Mansfield’s blog, where she keeps us up to date on what she’s bee up to both writing wise and publishing. She’s an indie author, and I like her spunk.

I’ve been reading about the books for a long time, and finally I broke down and bought the first book, Blood is Thicker. At first I wasn’t sure about it– I thought it was going to be a straight up epic fantasy, but instead it blurs between epic and urban.

And I liked it.

It took me a little while to get into it, but that was mainly because of the above mentioned misconception. The magic was handled deftly– it would have been very easy to make dragons all powerful and therefore unbeatable. But they, too, have their weakness in this novel.

By the end of the story, I was completely hooked. Because just as the epic was blended with urban fantasy, fantasy was blended very well with romance. Woohoo! My two favorite types of reading, all in one little bite!

I saw that the second book is out, too. I’ll have to check and see!


SERIOUS NOTE: Some people are afraid of Indie Published / Self Published books. Unfortunately, a group of people (notice I didn’t say writers) spoiled it for everyone else. The only nit I found with this novel was probably caused because I use the BIG LETTERS CUZ I’M NOT YOUNG ANYMORE typeface on my Nook (i.e. quotations at the beginning of a line, instead of bringing the last word down). We need more Meredith Mansfields, and less of the other people. So lets go support her, shall we?