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It’s a strange, strange world

And we all live in it. Some of us even invent ways to make it even stranger, hehe.

I was going through some files from stuff I had written pre-bad times. The thing that struck me about those writings was that the most powerful had to do with not belonging, not fitting in. There might have been things that went bump in the night in my stories, but they were rather glossed over. I didn’t go into too much detail.

Now, looking at my starts and stops and completed things, the thing I notice is that there is something that goes bump in the night and often— it’s something that the character loved once, or someone who should have been a protector.


But somehow, I’m getting to a middle ground. I’ve always been a Pollyanna, looking for the bright side. While searching through the remnants of the me that I used to be (both for good or ill), I realized that I like being a Pollyanna. I like looking for the good, whether in real life or in fiction. It’s one reason why I like romance so much– you are almost always guaranteed a happy ending.

But I also know that there really are things that go bump in the night. And sometimes, the boogeyman is someone you love.

Those two things are mashing up in me right now, and I’m kind of enjoying it. It has also given my fiction a depth it didn’t have before. Since I write fantasy fiction, where often you’re fighting against something other…. I do believe that the boogey man just grew fangs.